Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heartz.. eh no.. Hartz

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
ICE-CREAM PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've lost my blogging rhythm = =. . . seriously. . . nvm, let's continue =D

Last Saturday a bunch of people of X-Gen held up a mini-reunion (that's what it should be called I believe =D) at Sarawak Plaza. Eh no, to be exact, at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

I know there are a lot of VIP missing =D. For those who weren't there don't worry, I'm sure we will be able to meet again sometime in the future =D. We miss you all =D.

Tq to Hartz staff for the pic =D.

the 4 at the back =D

Behind the scene story? Well, I as well as my unlucky fellow Avanza passenger (Nazri, Zulothman, Qadim) arrived 'a bit' late to the meeting location due to some personal problem + carpark confusion =D.

What else? Hmm.. the earliest one to go back home sadly was K'Nizam. He had his mom to pick him up at 5pm. To K'Nizam, sorry for the Spore btw =D. If you have anytime before this Sunday, we can exchange again =D.

Ermm... that's all =D

(p/s: Moon cube 3/4 finishing. Yay!)
(p/s2: ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had at least 5 plates of them. Muahahaha. Once in a while =D)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm not an economist either

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
It has been a good while =D

The urge to post this time come from a news that published recently regarding the current recession...

To make long story short, the author of the article expected 10 things that won't survive the recession.

Just in case, recession means downfall in the economy, as we always hear in the news lately.

You dont have to go through all of those 10.
Let see the 8th. That's enough =D

1. Free tech support
-simply refering to companies that offer free technical help to user
Why - a lot of wikis, guides on the internet, etc

2. Wi-Fi you have to pay for
-place that offer paid wi-fi
Why - free wi-fi place gets more support

3. Landline phones (Malaysia as a developing country is not included i guess XD)
-cabled telephone provider
Why - Handphones!

4. Movie rental stores
-shop that offer movies renting
Why - Downloads!!!

5. Web 2.0 companies without a business plan
-i dont quite get this one = =

6. Most companies in Silicon Valley
-apparently a place, lol

7. Palm Inc
-a company I don't aware of = =

8. Yahoo
-a company
Why? - "Yahoo Inc. is another company that can't seem to do anything right. Or, at least, can't compete with Google. Yahoo will be acquired by someone, and its brand will become an empty shell -- used for some inane set of services but appreciated only by armchair historians (joining the ranks of Netscape, Napster and Commodore)." (computer world)

9. Half of all retail stores
-book stores, video game stores, toy stores
Why - Online stores conquering, Amazon.com etc.

10. Satellite Radio
-dont get this one either

Reminder, be aware that this is a secondary source. It is up to you to believe it or not.
For primary source, click here (10 things that won't survive the recession).
Firstly, I'm sorry if this post offends anyone =D.

I regret that Yahoo is included in the list. But apparently, it can't be denied that from what normal end-user(like me) can see, all of the necessary service we need (e-mail, web-hosting, search engine, web translator, social sites, etc) are also greatly promoted by other websites, and some more, they are free. I do use Yahoo!Ask several times and it is indeed usefull. For several times, I also used Yahoo!Geocities for the free domain they offer; sufficient for my college presentations.

During their early days... my child mind compared a better free email provider between those two. Yahoo! or Hotmail. Does by signing up the former will make me feel happy? That's lame.. the latter also doesn't seems convincing... Hot? Why not Cool instead? So, I registered with other no-longer existing mail provider such as doraemon, dingdong. I was a child, not to be blamed. But then, my need risen into requiring it to work with e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express. It appeared that Hotmail is the only free HTTP email that supports back then. So... why not...

But you know what... there is another factor that made me prefer everything-else-except Yahoo!. I declared it when I was primary 5(2001)... I dont like YELLOW alone = =. For this, I also hate all those yellow emoticons. I nvr used any during chatting to begin with, not even in forum. If I remember correctly, before the appearance of pop-ups blocker, it was very annoying to see various pop-up advertisement especially about Custom Icon, Custom Emoticons... they made the yellow guy looks very ugly.Full stop

I actually was thinking of having YM when suddenly they announce that both Yahoo! and Hotmail user can contact each other. ROFLcopter

Before I end this, I know that I'm being not responsible for complaining on my own instead of letting them know. How to let them know anyway? Bah! Nvm.

I don't mind migrating, as how I was able to migrate from nVidia to Ati =D. It is Green to Red in term of colour anyway. I thought I hate red too back then. Ahaha! But, image comes first!

(p/s: Yes. I dont like yellow ALONE. Blue with little yellow is a great pair! Probably my favourite. As seen in my blog =D)
(p/s2: For my high school, I dont hate the Yellow[Diamond] House at all. Muahaha. Don't worry. I just don't like the colour. But still, thank god I was chosen into the Blue[Sapphire] House)
(p/s3: My MoonCUBE project is in the middle phase. Yay!! Tomorrow I'm going to borrow sewing machine from my auntie for the greenscreen part)

[Update 15/1/09: I take back my words abt the Yellow things... I realized that I only hate the smiley.. Realized it when I went to Maybank recently = =. That's what happen if you add emotion into things]

Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday, December 5, 2008

Out of nowhere, my interest has been very deep into the PSP3000 lately, ほんとうに.
It's time for getting access to black market. After all, my first semester has finished =D.
Yes, I'm aware that the third PSP is not flexible enough to run homebrew softwares =D.
For me... that's good... for 2 reasons.
1) LESS supporting warez product. I still can't utterly get away from it, lolz. I'm not super duper rich you know, ほんとうに.
2) LESS games to be entertained =D. I wont be much bothered to play my previous GBA/PS1 games on it. Haha... ほんとうに.

Proloque end-

I've done my best for the final exam (in which the last one was held yesterday). I hope every effort that I made worth my time =D... eh?? or is it "time I spent worth my effort"? ARGGH... nvm. There is still one thing though... that keep me unhappy.


Four days ago, I learned a new thing about Streamyx. They has a fair-usage policy in which the connection of the people who download torrents are capped. This is true. I confirmed it myself! In fact, I have realized it earlier! Muahaha! Check out this site!

According to an article created by a frustrated Malaysian (because of his internet service, I believe), he said that Streamyx caps the torrent connection down to 10kBps. Personally, I think the capping is variable rather than fixed at 10kBps. Aha. Coz last time I download a fresh torrent, the speed was at 20++kps average. I'm just using 512kbps Streamyx package, so my experiment has flaw =D. But it could be true.

I'm not sure whether Streamyx just limit the torrent download speed or the whole IP connection, but I believe it is the latter.


In the past few hours, I went to The Summit for dinner. Eventually, I came across a magic shop. To make long story short, I bought a 'magic power' for RM30. Muahaha... ほんとうに.


In the next few hours, I'm going to Low Yatt (again!) to check out some new stuff. A few things that I want to look at are... my laptop battery, some compact cameras, PSP, as well as some handphones. Just window-shopping, haha. No money actually... ほんとうに.


(p/s: [regarding the picture] How should I say this... Clannad + PSP = heavenly hell cool! ほんとうに! Did the photographer predicted that I'm going to visit his site? lol)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Linked =D

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally, they are all interconnected =D=D=D=D. OK, that's another story lol... I better keep it to myself XD.

Well, for my end-of-the-year holiday, I've got a few things on mind.. for me and for my laptop =D


Do a quick survey and get my hand on better battery for my laptop... at Jalan Imbi

Get Kanon 06, Air, and MSLN A's at The Summit

Find suitable place to do my 10 hours community service...at hometown if possible =D

Find Nazri for his copy of my FSN =D... if it still exists ><

Find Jong to pass him my Spore... if possible

I want to redesign my room at Taman Malihah =D. I'll have a briefing on this later ;D. Let the Mooncube be a reality!

Find some ebooks or tutorial about XdXbX XftXr XffXct CS3 and learn =D. Of course, for that I also need to...

Grab myself a better replacement for my dead Cybershot T_T... which then reasonably allow me to...

Rebuild my destroyed Greenscreen.... pif... and...

Shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttt =D...and

Edddddiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt............... and

Post them somewhere. LoL. Ahaha.

(anymore? Tell me, so that I'll add them here)

(yeah, it has its own role!)

Download Clannad 01-23 + 24 from SS-Eclipse

Download Lucky Star 01-24 from a.f.k

Download Clannad AS 01-current from SS-Eclipse

Download Soul Eater 32-current from Tadashi
[Update 011208: I just received news that Tadashi will stop subbing Soul Eater due to licensing by FUNimation. Daxn!!! I've wasted my time dling 9.45Gb of earlier episodes...]

(p/s: Ah! Maybe it is a good idea to temporarily upgrade my internet package just for the holiday =D)
(p/s2: Where can I get the money for all those stuff I mentioned? = =)
To My Friends esp. X-Gen-
If possible, help me to include some outdoor activities =D.. for example...
"Cari tempat main captain ball sama2 lagi ke...."... You all know what I mean =D
I doubt if there is any more chance in the future... sob...
I dont mind spending hundreds for that ..really....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shahro in 3D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Click it to see the picture in full size...
Find my name in it =D.. Can you? =D=D=D=D=D=D

For those who can't see, the flash version which includes guides to see it can be found here.
Yes, you can create it too of course =D.

(p/s: Today we have finished our first final exam paper; English! 3 more to go...)
(p/s2: About the Eng3U exam... I forwarded all my comments to my roommate's post in his blog. =D)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Menu of the day =D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Sorry to disappoint... but today's menu went digital!

Looking at the Start Menu... I wonder...
How much can it describe me? =D

(p/s: ...too busy...)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I should have known

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"If your local IP address is returned as 169.254.y.z with a subnet mask of, the IP address was assigned by the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) feature of Windows XP Professional. This assignment means that TCP/IP is configured for automatic configuration, that no DHCP server was found, and that no alternative configuration is specified. This configuration has no default gateway for the interface."


That explains it =D

(p/s: I'm the freelance programmer of the future! Yeah!)
(p/s2: This few weeks, I have consumed an extraordinarily insane quantity of caffeine. So, just like how our body have 'oxygen debt' after running, I need some time to purify my veins from the stupid compounds.)
(p/s3: Nah... JK, ignore the p/s2,... I lied...)
(p/s4: I think I got drugged by the story of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland... really. For the past few weeks, the word 'DISORDER' always floats in my mind. Today I unleashed everything in the form of the friggin' assignment. Next two days I'll present my novel to the class. THEN I'LL CLOSE THE CASE. NO MORE ALICE! I'M DONE!)
(p/s5: Ah! I misused my "p/s" corner... disorder disorder disorder... sigh)
(p/s6: hotel626.com... I recommend it very very much. If you think you are a girl, then go to the site, register, and play! If you are a boy, go there, register, and scream as much as you like!)
(p/s7: So far I have never had my haircut at anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia yet... I don't know any suitable place... HELP!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grabbed a Miku Widget =D

Thursday, November 6, 2008
I added a Miku clock and the right panel =D It is a .swf file by the way.


In short, 'she' is actually a software made by Yamaha that is used to sing songs, in replacement of real artist. So, search for yourself! This kind of software is called vocaloid.

By clicking the music note (1), she will sing a song.
If you click at her(2), she will tell you the time =D

Friday, October 31, 2008

Terry Fox Run KL 2008 - I'm in!

Friday, October 31, 2008
A bit of history behind Terry Fox.

Terry Fox is a Canadian who at the age of 18, was told that his right leg had to be amputated above the knee as a result of bone cancer.
During this crucial period, Terry saw the intense pain and despair of other cancer victims and was deeply moved. In order to raise funds for cancer research, he decided to run across Canada asking for donations.

Although he had to use an artificial right leg, his determination to raise the fund lead him to run from the very west to the very east of Canada. Can you imagine that? The route is across more than 5 province... and each province is more than twice as large as Malaysia!

This became ‘The Marathon of Hope’. Terry Fox died before he could complete his crusade, but his legacy is carried in the hearts of all who participate or donate to the Terry Fox Run each year around the world.

Terry Fox is a symbol of inspiration of all Canadian.


This coming Sunday (2 November 2008), which is the day after tomorrow, there will be a Terry Fox run at KL.
The starting point will be at Tasik Perdana. There is no registration required. Participants are required to be there before 9 am.
There are 2 route that can be taken. One route is 5km and another one is 7km.

Donation can be done by purchasing a limited edition Terry Fox shirt for RM25.00.

Any inquiries about the event can be directed to organizer@terryfoxrunkl.org.

This event came to my senses via my lecturer. Well, since our lecturers are mostly from Canada, of course they won't miss something like this, hence promoting it to their students.
I felt quite touched upon hearing the story of Terry Fox. Some more, one of my senior lecturer had witnessed Terry Fox in his epic run. I feel quite bad to not joining in honoring Terry's effort. To be exact, it is his effort to help in the funding for the cancer research.

I'm in! =D

By the way, I have a humble request for those who has read this post.
Please spend a couple of moments to visit Terry's Wikipedia to know him better. My words are not that good to describe the real him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Fox

(p/s: One of the 'note' stated for the upcoming run is... "You can walk, run, skate, bike or use a skateboard." =D=D)

Monday, October 27, 2008

New NFS!!

Monday, October 27, 2008
Just in case you are not aware, EA will launch their next installment of the Need For Speed series on November 18. The title is... Need For Speed - Undercover. =D

This new installment is particularly based on our all-time favourite game - Need For Speed Most Wanted. There are cops, helicopters, new world to be explored as usual,... and the cars that can be damaged just like in Prostreet.

Maybe the difference this time is, there are missions that will be given to you, such as going to somewhere to pick up something, send it to somewhere else... etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... just like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, now you can be the cop! You can be the one who make people get busted XD.

As for now, the game has not been released yet, but you can see some in-game footage at youtube... such as this one.

Some quotes from various sites. =D

"Riccitiello(CEO of EA) stated Undercover is taking inspiration from action films such as The Transporter, with a large embedded narrative."

"John Doyle (Developer at EA Black Box) has hinted Undercover will feature a brand new game mechanic and a "Most Wanted-ish" sandbox style of gameplay."

There seems to be some appearance of characters from previous installment as well.

Hmm... my comment?
........... Please oh please... there better be some multiplayer function for LAN gaming.

I've been onto the NFS series for quite a long time. I could say... since the beginning? LoL. I'm looking forward to play this game. Hopefully my x2300 can handle it = =. It wont be much fun for me since I can't enjoy its graphic quality which has been their main attention recently.

(p/s: I have lost my interest in Spore[another game by EA] = =. Can someone buff me up back?)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunar Spirit back from the Stars!

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Hmm.. well.. lunarness. Why is he so crazy about that? you would ask.Such a lolness. #1

To be honest, there is no real reason. I am just holding on to some logic, but mentioning it here worth nothing because... no one will care, really. (Just like my previous ObeyObeyObey post perhaps XD, but interestingly, some people commented, lol, ty)

Okay, before this crap gets longer, lemme get this straight.
This can be called as... My Lunarness Aniversary... Hooray!
It has nothing to do with my 'big plan coming up' post.
Ok, so let's get going.

By the way, don't waste your time finding the meaning of 'lunarness' although googling it might save some cats. #2

It is about A GAME........
...well, to be exact, AN RPG GAME
related to my lunarness... a lot

Do you aware of a series called Star Ocean? I don't mind if you dont, but at least aware that I do.

A few years back I played this thing called Star Ocean - The Second Story for PS. The story is awesome!! An anime titled Star Ocean Ex also has been made as an adaptation to this game.

Hrmm, of course all fantasy-genred games are great, but this one is different. During that time, I prefer this type of RPG for its real time battle system which is in contrast with a pokemon-like battle system in you-know-which game =D.

That time is that time. Although the you-know-which game has improved da%n a lot now, I still keep up with my Star Ocean =D I have sense of loyalty too, just for you to know =D.


In SOex, the ending theme song was sort of among the 'first wave' of Jpop songs that have hit me, hence introducing me to Jpop genre. =D

Still related to Soex, the ending animation shows three moon revolving the place. The way they emphasize that moon in that scene is so COOOOOOOOL!(... to me of that period, lol)

Just like Rockman series with their adventure-techno-like music, this series also brings along its own style of music which is more time-space-like and toward-the-future-like. LoL. It is also Cool really =D

The most important thing here is... The main character, Rena has a Crescent Hairpin!! Its soooo COOOOOOOOOOL! I like it =D Where else you can find a girl who wears a crescent moon clip?

The main point here is.... it is unique. Oh yes, one more thing... the Star Ocean titles, logo, design, web sites, game menu...some main character's hair are emphasizing on the BLUE COLOUR!! THAT'S SMOKING STYLE!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! =D =D (lol? y should I be laughing? XD)

(Gasping for air... lol XD)

So, that's the introduction of why I like the series... What makes me so excited today is because Square Enix has released a REMAKE of my favourite installment, Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story. Oh yes, this time with a new title, Star Ocean 2 - Second Evolution. Isn't life so fun??? =D=D

Since I've played it before, why should I show concern? No!!
There are a few reasons, in which among them are...

1) This time, they include some veryx3 COOL animated cut-scene, a truely remake compared to the anime version. PLUS!, the theme song for this game is FANTASTIC! A song called Start by Scandal.
2) Then, the voice actress for Rena this time is.... Mizuki Nana, which from what I've known her so far, she has performed the opening theme song for whole Nanoha series, who is also the voice actress for Hinata in Naruto, Fate in Nanoha series, Yuufa in Ragnarok Animation!!
3) Again, the storyline =D

... unfortunately... it is on PSP.

Ah! Not an obstacle at all. While waiting for the English version to come out, I'll start saving =D =D =D.

Ah! Some pics!

Rena in SO2Ex...

...and her in SO2SE

#1: Might not apply to all of you. Mainly to the people who know me more than 3 years =D
#2: Don't you ever heard of the quote "Cat dies because of curiosity?"

(p/s: Last time when I play eRO, I remember giving a Crescent Hairclip to a person. Wonder what happened to it now XD)
(p/s 2: I changed the Flash player on the top right to play the SO2SE theme song. Hear it!!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unit 2102 Dark Trade

Saturday, October 25, 2008
On last Thursday, we had our Unit test for the chapter Electrochemistry =D. The test is hard, but still manageable. =D If it is not hard, it wont be called as test anyway = =. Test are meant to be hard, Yeap!

And then, on the next day which is Friday, which is also yesterday(lol), we had our English 3U test for our knowledge in Shakespeare. Now, I see Shakespeare quite differently than the way I look at him before we get into our unit. He is simply... a freak. lol. No just kidding. Muahaha.

By finishing the 2 test, all of our subjects are finally in their last Unit.
Gambatte to all ICPU scholar.

Done with that.
So, today we decided to refresh our spirit and soul at The Summit.

As the result... =D =D


Ah! 1 more person is not there =D. Too bad he has his own plan for the day. If not, we could make it 3 vs 3, woohoo.

We went pooling! Actually, our initial plan is to go jamming, but since there is some unknown argument between my friends and the Guitar place owner, the plan deviated XD.
I didn't actually finish the game. After a few shots, I went downstair to find some ANIME DVDs.

[update 26/10: Wait a second,.. I just realized something in the picture...]
Black vs Pink vs Yellow vs Red vs Green

Tomorrow, maybe I'll go to Low Yat to check out some new stuffs =D.
I have a few things in mind now...

1) Asus F5VL battery or
2) Ext. Hard Disk or
3) Sony PSP or
4) HP...

Maybe I'll ignore option 3 and 4 for now. Option 1 and 2 however, are crucial. Now I know why my friends who went to tertiary education earlier inquired about ext. hard disk. Haha. Naruhodo.
On the other hand, for my F5VL battery.... FISH!

(p/s: [Update 26/10] Too bad I was wearing black. So ironic, the one who likes to wear blue shirt didn't wear it on such occasion XDXD)

Friday, October 24, 2008

XP vs Vista (Chips)

Friday, October 24, 2008
By Chips Magazine

Recently I bought a Oct 08 Chips magazine. It seems to be a monthly routine to buy 1 at MPH Bookstore at The Summit for me. XD. This month's release has an article that I've been looking for so long =D =D =D
Remember my post called Noob argue about Vista?

Chips has done the work for me =D. And surprisingly, their conclusion is very much similar to mine.

I wont go through all the test process in this post XD. You will have to buy the mag if you want to know. I'll just put their conclusion here.

"Even though it might sound astonishing, Vista wins hands down. The latest version of Windows comes out as the frontrunner, but only if one has a high speed computer and the latest hardware and software product. Even though the User Account Control can be annoying, with respect to security, the OS offers much more then its predecessor. XP only has partial success - users with sluggish computers or notebooks should keep using this seasoned OS, not just because it is quicker but also because it has virtually none of the hardware of software problems that Vista poses." (October 08, Chips Magazine)

In red is the the thing that is not mentioned in my post earlier.

But the conclusion does not covers everything. Buy the magazine to see the result for each test they did. Both have their own advantage in certain situation. =D =D

(p/s : Work cited. )

Friday, October 17, 2008


Friday, October 17, 2008



Get the message?

I have a lot of thing that I believe.
Some are abstract, and some are specific with proof.
Some are fun, and some are not.

But, there are things that make you feel great to know them.
However, you do not believe in them.
Isn't it great to just believe it then?

If there is fun in believing, then believe it.

And it is okay because after that, it rests on the word FUN.

If it is fun to NOT BELIEVE what you have believed so far, then it is fine.

(p/s: A bit from Haruhism =D. But still, my physics understanding is more solid I believe. =D)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wishing Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all muslim visitors to my blogsite =D

(p/s: Eh!?, I accidentally capitalize the 'A' in the image. Ah..Nvm...)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big plan coming up =D

Saturday, September 6, 2008
For now, ill just leave 1 word =D



Monday, September 1, 2008

Fast! Its fasting month =D

Monday, September 1, 2008
I hope they'll fix the line soon ><. My friend said that the people who in charge with the student broadband hings will come next Tues... hopefully they will come... hopefully.

Today, =D, we had Tarawikh prayer in my house =D. Before that, we also had a pre-'break-fasting' session. (actually it is just a normal dinner, except we had to cook them ourselves this time =D)

I love to put pictures etc etc... but oh well, everytime I try to upload, it takes just a minute less than forever to finish.... So... HOPEFULLY, they'll fix the line, and I'll repost the untold tale =D

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ばか Router

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Again, and the past has repeated itself...

Epic, Hectic, Pathetic, Melancholic, Diabolic (=O.. wooh)

Something went wrong with the router again. But, at least this time, the value of a is decreased instead of zero.(y=a sin x)

Hrmm... thats all. =D

(p/s: err.... I just realized that.. ==... via vista, I can know my GPU's memory just by going to the adapter properties ... without doing the lousy calculation in the previous post ==)

Friday, August 22, 2008

My HyperMemory

Friday, August 22, 2008
Sorry, this has nothing to do with my brain watsoever. The HyperMemory simply refers to a technology developed by Ati in heir GPU to enhance mobility experience.

Erm... actually, I'm quite curious about my graphic card... It is Ati Mobility Radeon x2300 by the way.

Before scrolling any further, it is good to know that, there are 2 possible type of memory for any graphic processor.

1) Integrated/Shared Memory - You graphic processor will use your system RAM to store data. (ex. Intel Extreme/ Intel Extreme 2)
2) Dedicated memory - Your graphic processor has its own memory to store data. (ex. nVidia, Ati)

...and then, what is HyperMemory?
... From what I've learned so far, HyperMemory is a technology developed by Ati that expands the available dedicated memory in the graphic card by sharing memory from the system RAM.

My graphic card has HyperMemory technology, so in other words, it utilises both of the dedicated memory and some system RAM for graphic processing purpose.

HyperMemory = Dedicated memory + shared memory

The following is the report from Ati Control Centre and DxDiag, showing how much memory are used for graphic processing. It shows 895MB.
From the picture below, we know that my graphic card has 128MB dedicated memory on-board.

Simple math, calculate

894MB = 128MB + Shared Memory

Here's the big question...

DOES THAT MEANS, I HAVE 766MB OF Shared memory?????????????

Let say... now I have 2Gb of system RAM... So... All this while, Only Around 1.34Gb is available for my Vista???


I wont argue abt the HyperMemory, coz maybe because of it, Im able to play DMC4.
However, having less than 2Gb RAM for Vista is like, breeding a herd of cows in a house. LoL!

Thinking of an upgrade...

(p/s: nVidia's version of HyperMemory is called TurboCache, both company must have had a hard time before they came out with the very fancy name, didn't they? =D)
(p/s 2: Before I buy my laptop, mochiron-desu, I already surveyed a lot of sample product. But I noticed that, all the samples, even for the model that I bought, has only 3xxMB of Total Graphic Memory. I hope, my 894MB is fully used and not just a waste)
(p/s 3: Yet to buy my Eng3U novel =D. Just reading 'em from the internet)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Devil May Cry 4

Monday, August 18, 2008
Today, I went to 'My Computer' (rofl) to find some new stuff. So, my eyes were attracted to this one little piece of DMC4 for PC. Curiously, I bought it and have it a try.

Before I do anything else... I went to the internet searching for the minimum system requirement to play it coz the DVD plastic cover didnt say anything. (You know what I mean by mentioning plastic =D). While I google for the info, I let the game install itself into my laptop. It is quite large... almost 8Gb I could say =D. Similar to HL2-Ep2.

So, I found something like this...

Processor: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
RAM: 512MB for XP, 1024MB for Vista
Graphic Processor: nVidia 6600 and equivalent.

So that's from the internet. After installation, I search for any 'Readme.txt' inside the installation folder and found this piece of information.

1. System Requirements

-Operating System: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP *1
Microsoft(R) Windows Vista(TM) *1
-CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor supporting HT Technology or higher
(Recommended: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo processor or higher)
-Main Memory: Windows(R) XP : at least 512MB (Recommended: at least 1GB)
Windows Vista(TM) : at least 1GB (Recommended: at least 2GB)
-Video Card: DirectX(R)9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, VRAM256MB,
NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 6600 series or higher
*excluding NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 7300 series
(Recommended: NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8600 series or higher)
-Sound Card: DirectX(R)9.0c compatible sound cards

-DVD-ROM Drive: DVD9 compatible drive
-Monitor: 640x480 (VGA) or higher (Recommended: 1280x720 or higher)
-Input Devices: Mouse & Keyboard required (Recommended: Xbox 360(R) Controller for Windows(R))
-Hard Disk Space: at least 8GB

Oh well... it seems like in term of CPU and GPU, my laptop fails... however I still want to give it a try =D

And voila!
It works!
It's playable!... on the lowest screen resolution. XD

...more importantly... it is on my Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz and Ati x2300, which are below the min requirement.
(well, of course, the fps is a bit low)

For me, it is unbelievable. Did the Shared Memory has something to do with this?
I have 8xxMB of Shared Memory if that is the case. I don't know, can someone explain?

So, now I'm playing a PS3 adapted game with my non-gamer laptop =D. Just tweak the setting a bit, and I'm playing in nice Frame per second =D... Here's the result using the game's performance test.

Rank C for average of above 30 fps. NOT BAD!

Ah! I need to get a better laptop cooler. From Cooler Master or Zalman perhaps?

(p/s: I'm in Kuching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
(p/s 2: SMSKian!, this week, there is a Karnival Sains or something like that, being held in our school, don't miss it!)
(p/s 3: I bought a laptop amplifier at Lowyat yesterday. Having USB as the power source, the sound is blasting off my ears with deep bass =D)
(p/s 4: I got back my flu, thanks to my cats)
(p/s 5: I also bought Shakugan no Shana Second ep1-24 from 'My Computer')
(p/s 6: I feel a lot of troubles driving the Avanza after abt a month not doing so ~.~)
(p/s 7: The DMC4 that I bought is the dual-DVD version. There is also a blue-ray version of it being sold there. Nah, I dont mean the original blue-ray, I mean the one that's in the plastic =D
"Zaman dah berubah, Dunia dah maju")

Friday, August 15, 2008

Muohoho! so fast??

Friday, August 15, 2008
The time now is... 5.20am... Friday =D. Woken up by Konata Izumi's Chala-Head-Chala, I went to the VALS site as pre-requisite for my BOH4M assignment. Since it has finished, that's y i create this post =D

I just realized something about how wireless networking works. Well, I totally mean about the wifi thingy. Erm.. apparently, I'll always lost my connection to the modem during the day, especially when alot of other lappies are also connected to it.
If I read the manual of my modem correctly(the one I have back home), it says, connections may be interupted by the signal from other computer. I looks more like, if there are other wifi devices around, there could be more interuptions. So, that might explain why during ping to www.google.com, 1 out of 4 packet that my lappy sent had lost.

Interestingly, the condition is totally different at night. I wonder if this is due to the cold air?
Nah, not caused by air I think. If air is included, in fact, the wave should be slower. Somemore, we are using a G-type modem, not the n-type, so the amplitude of the modem signal wont last that far aniway. =D

Continue... after midnight, I am able to get the signal perfectly complete. The speed is marvelous =D Yummy. The avg. rate of transfer I have so far at night is 167 kbps. I wonder what package did they gave us ==.

Lets do a calculation... =D

167 Kilobytes/s x 8 = 1336 Kilobits/s ~ 2Mbps package?
Nothing much to sae... I'll just be grateful =D

And with that, from now on, I will always wake up early, so that the modem's signal wont be wasted =D. Well, Hopefully no one put on a mid-night torrent download.

(p/s: THe whole next week is holidae!!! Kucheng, here I come =D)
(p/s: Konata Izumi is a character from the anime Lucky Star, voiced by Aya Hirano. Aya is the person who also voiced Haruhi in TMoSH, in case you dont care =D)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anime Fest at Taylor's

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Erm.. actually, this festival was held on the 14th of July, in my first few weeks in Taylor's College. During that time, our hostel wireless router was not available yet. So, I thought I might post them later, but somehow... ... ... I forgot.

Apparently, the students have the freedom to actually create a club. All they need (I dunno the real procedure, but I think I heard of this) are a supporting staff(lecturer?), and lotsa members.


Yes! We have ANIME club. They organized an Anime Festival on that day. It was held at the Multipurpose Hall(MPH) in the Main Campus. They had a bunch of thing, but the best thing is ofcourse... Cosplay.

The best first week in college eva?

Erm.. is this from Vampire Knight?

I talked with the 'chief' of that club, he said, the club has a lot of activities and one of them is something that I am very familiar with... Making AMVs =D. Another one that pulled my interest is... they also play Stepmania using the anime themes as the songs!!!

I rmb, it was just a few months ago that I googled for Stepmania, deadly looking for the sources of songs and videos. However, my hope vanished when it says there "1xxMB"... per video. S@#t. I went to a pirated stuffs store looking for a bunch collection of Stepmania vids, but it wasn't there. 1xxMB isnt that many coz I've dled WoW TBC b4 which was approximately 7.3Gb. But time does matter... Wasting 2 days just for a dozen of vids? NO WAY!

However, I dont join that club due to a particular reason.
It's great but... Ive been in this kind of stuff for quite a long time already ='(.
I'm satisfied with my childhood life coz I behaved like a child. So, I'm thinking to do something different for the current stage of my life =D.

And then, someone reading this will probably say, 'Anime isn't only for children'....
Yes, I know that! I did not say that it is, did I? ばか!
I'm just saying that I want to get serious into something else, as simple as that.

But still, YES! For those anime-fan out there(Taylor's students only), by all means, join the Anime Club! =D

(p/s: Too bad there is no Japanese Club. I'm aiming for the Lvl 3 Japanese Profiency Test.)
(p/s 2: Oopps... thx to Ezwan for the photos)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sinus Arc Hell Period

Sunday, August 10, 2008

After a few daes of suffocating in the sea of waves, I finally able to get connected to the internet =D
Apparently, the problem came from the router itself (I knew it!). After 'curi-curi masuk' into the router room using one of my friend's spare key, we manage to restart the router and problem solved. (Shh..., will ya? =D)

During the "y=a sin x, a=0" period, we only managed to 'survive' using bits & pieces of signal from the lower floor. Ahaha.

Actually I have other thing that I planned a few daes ago to be included in this post, but somehow, I forgot...
I'll post again anytime soon as soon as I recover them =D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Today I was a bit astonished by one of my lecturer's statement that he do not drink coffee.
He said that coffee is like drugs.

Well, in fact. it is. Although I am aware of this, but he gave me an idea oh how bad coffee is... LoL... which ironically, after I decided to start my everyday life in college with a coffee.

Hmm, for me, it is a new benchmark on how do other people think about drinking coffee.
I consume it because I need to stay concentrate in class after hours of 'stay-ups' at night.

Well, after hearing that from the lecturer, I think...

I need to find a way to concentrate in class without having any caffeine product(coke included).

To do that, basically, I need to prolong my sleep hours.

To prolong my sleep hours means, I need to finish my work early.

To finish my work early means I need to start them early, logic right?

And to start them early... here comes the problem. ROFL.

For those who know me, wish me luck on overcoming the problem =D

That's one thing.

Then, today we attended to a talk of 'Studying in Canada' for all ICPU students especially the Mara/JPA scholars.

That's the second.

This one is the best part =D I was told by my friend that we can claim the monthly allowance already. (for sponsored students only) It is in the form of a cheque. Well, if i heard it correctly, the amount seems to be covering the 2 months allowance, the college admission fee, and maybe still enough to cover all the pre-u books that I've bought. In short... It's A LOT!!. But since it is mostly covering what we have paid earlier, it won't make us any wealthier =D

That's the third, and the last. Okayz. Oyasuminasai.

(p/s: 'Wealthier, is that word correct? Lol)

My greenscreen T_T I miss them...

Lately I feel a bit empty without doing some heavy photoshopping. (ROFL, is that a correct word?).

First... I did not bring my camera... so, i'm not able to take any good quality picture...

Secondly... No greenscreen...
Well, I did brought my blue school bed sheet from my previous school(haha!) just in case.. but then, i realized that there is another thing missing,

that is the third... lighting... the round pendaflour is just not enough =D. Flash from the camera alone would create a terrifying shadow of darkness which could leap into another dimension of space where time flows like the behaviour of the sea wave instead of a steady river. Nah

Sincerely, I want to get into the Computer Science course... but I didn't have the chance. Sob. And then... there seems to be no computer club here... But they do have Anime Club.. which unfortunately I'm trying to diverge myself away from... ermm... unless someone can prove me that it is worth entering =D.
(Ah, Haruhi is different story, it was based on visual novel)

Back to the topic...

Living in here actually gave me a lot of idea how to deal with photoshop, but I just dont have the time. So swt.

Oh ya! I forgot to mentioned that, I bought a laptop cushion and a laptop bag during the PC Fair =D. Just bought cheap one ler. As long as my laptop can withstand the resonance of my body. (another lol).

And then what else? Er....
Oh ya... just arounf 70 minutes earlier, I just passed up my English 1000 words essay via email to the lecturer. It is not really that significant, but I feel like telling it.

Mood for today? Bored coz too tired. Perhaps it is because of the drawback from consuming 'da*n-a-lot' of caffeine this morning. Plus finishing class at 6.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hrmm... Test Test Test

Sunday, August 3, 2008
Readying for test... cant write too much, scare of losing my concentration on my subject, so I'll just leave a trace for today's post XD

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Noob argue about Vista

Thursday, July 31, 2008
XP? Bleh, why building a small hut if your land can fit a house.
Well, in this case, the 'land' refers directly refers to my computer capabilities while XP = hut and Vista = house. LoL (yes, of course, you also need a lil more money for the house)

In conclusion, if your hardware requirement is good enough to run Vista, then GO FOR IT!
If your hardware component is good, it will run smoothly, you wont complaint, and that's the proof.

Otherwise, use XP then.

And then, noob often say something like "Vista is not compatible with some software"...
that is not really correct, and it is a really pure noob statement. The correct way to say it is, "Some software is not compatible with Vista". To elaborate, it's not the operating system that should be modified to suit the software, but instead, it is the software that should be improved to work on Vista.

Ah! Looks like I've been supporting Microsoft by creating this post. Maybe I'll put something about Mac in the future. That will keep the world in balance. LOL.
I just create this article to express my feeling toward people who keep saying "Vista is bad". Well, I also did say that before, but not now. It is important to note that, I do not say anything bad about XP either.

In conclusion... "XP is SUPERB, while Vista is a bit more ahead, it just needs support from the software designers".

PC Fair!!


Starting from this Friday, (tmr precisely) there will be a PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. I'm thinking of a way to go there ==.

Well, what should I buy?

Laptop hardware/software? Nope, I have upgraded everything possible before I come to KL. Except for Windows Vista ler. I'm still using the Home Premium. Well, even if I have the chance to upgrade, I'll think about the Vista Ultimate solely because of the Dynamic wallpaper & Full backup feature. Other than that, nah, no reason. The other feature just wasting my memory resources.

Erm.. digital cameras? Nah, not needed, lol. It is easier & much cheaper to borrow =D

Handphone? Well, I do think about it, but... nah... Laterz. I cant ensure a stable financial condition within the next 3 years yet. But if it is ok, then the option will automaticaly be available =D

Oh ya... I think I know....
A laptop backpack.... and a laptop cooler. I'm lacking of those. Laptop cooler isn't that pricey.. but the backpack... == I guess I need to do some price survey again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How does it begin...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Erm.. how shud I say this. So far, I did badly(at least in my own perspective) on my Leadership and English presentation. Why? Well... I'm not sure why... its kinda excuse if if I say my English also sux, but thats the truth. Well, I'm not giving up, looking forward for the next presentation.

Oh well, it looks like, they also like to stress on plagiarism a lot. That is something new for me. Citation oh citation. But, if it is my work that is being copied by people, of course I'll indeed go berserk. So, I guess they have a point in doing that.

The only subject that I'm very happy with so far is... weirdly Advance Function... where everyone else(probably) find it as boring. The second would be my Chemistry class. Woot! Is it a coincidence?

Yeah! It feels a lot different when you are being taught by foreign lecturer. Their way of seeing things are quite different. (In fact, non of my lecturers are Malaysian, ROFL). I love it when they start to crack up jokes in the middle of the lectures. Oh yes. One thing that I noticed during class is, they like to 'thumbs up'. Mostly it happens when they are concluding their lesson of the day. Everytime they do it, it feels like they unliterally saying "It's very easy right?".

Oh yes... It is worth to mention that, for all my classes( Management, Chemi, Adv.Func, English), I manage to find someone to be hated. Well, here it probably means, 'someone I must be better from'. Well, it is not too bad to be hated rite? Unpurposely, you are motivating someone else. Aha! So, for those who think they are the best in class, I HATE YOU! =D

(p/s: Nazri! Thank you very much for the GSP! Credit also goes to Pak Lim for letting us be the 'pewaris' of the GSP)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lets shopping =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Today, my housemate and I went window shopping at Subang Parade. Since there is no transport, so we went there by public bus. Erm... nthg much interesting actually, coz it was just window shopping. We surveyed a few items price... such as.. laptop bag, ram, etc etc. Thats all? I guess so. XD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today is the Pii Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22/7

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Today is the day responsible for all the thing that you learn involving circle.. .arc, area.. etc etc. It is the 22/7. Thats all I want to say =D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little flashback? DotA

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Well, today, my house (hostel) became the dota spot. ROFL. Erm... that's all I want to say. =D
I'm interested with the game, but i don't want to join its gaming community this late. I should have started playing it a few years ago, but I was paying attention to RO back then. Well, I guess once a week isn't too bad for me to build up dota skills. With that, perhaps I could go to the level of calculating damage per second in a few more months, just like how I did with RO. XD.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

YES!!!! I did it! GSP Rocks!

Saturday, July 19, 2008
FINALLY, I figured out how to make the sliders for the GSP!. Wow.... what a find!
I'm pretty wordless now =D... Mentally, I feel like wanna kick the wall =D. Too happy perhaps XD.

Why? Coz I found this by myself... Nothing else is as enjoyable as discovering something by yourself. Well, the sad part is... i did it on a warez GSP, !@#$.

Well, indeed, i used the word 'discovered' instead of 'learned', coz I did refer to a website how to do it. oW MAN!!! Im looking forward for my presentation =D=D

"Get blessed, get original"

(p/s: i can assume that, I've googled around 10-14 different phrase of keywords in order to find that page. Am I sux enough? Hehe.)
(p/s 2: Naw, this is not the computer mouse port. Haha. ROFL)
(p/s 3: Ermm.. juz wanna mention that... take note of the date =D)

I need GSP!!!

Well, now i have a lil prob doing my assignments. I actually can do it, but I cant put all my knowledge into it. I'm lacking of the 'medium'. For now, that particular medium is... the GSP.

If I want, I can easily get any pirated copies over the internet.... but you know... when we are talking about education, it cant be dealt that way. That is just WRONG. It's wrong because it is illegal. So, to make it legal, I need an original copies. However, since I cant afford the price of a GSP,
I need a sponsored version... and my previous school has it...

And somemore, I think I need to contact my +math teacher to guide on me using the GSP. What i'm needing right now is the tutorial on making a sketch of a function graph with the a,b, and c sliders. What kind of function? Its the forth polynomial series!!! Not the Linear(x), Quadratic(x^2), or Cubic(x^3), but the Quartic(x^4)!!!! Ow man... I don't want to screw anything up. I feel like wanna call the school right now, but today is Saturday... precisely, 1.53am Saturday. ROFLOL!

Ah! I've tried a few Java applet from the internet... but simply said... they are not that good. GSP could be much much better (provided that you know how to use it =_="). However, if by chance, anyone of you who is reading this now, (YES! YOU!) if you happen to know any good site that has applets for mathematic, drop me an email/PM/message/comment/friendster comment.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talking about quantum...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Since I was just a small kid, I was fascinated by a lot of 'high-tech' word such as synchro, fusion, velocity, and so on. And today, like a dream come true, my Chemistry class started the topic of Quantum number. "Quantum of photons", haha. Well... pretty much exciting of course. It has something to do with Erwin Schrodinger's atomic model that oppose Bohr's theory.

And something that comes to my mind during the class, almost everything that I learned about atom during high school seems to be 'made-for-easy-understanding'. It is not the real thing in life. An example would be the movement of electron in an atom. They don't have fixed path like I've seen in the previous textbook. In fact, there are the Uncertainty Principle regarding that matters. Well, I will need to do a research on my own about this. It is indeed interesting ^^.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

at Taylor's

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Aha! So now I officially become a student AGAIN. This also means that I had to bid my farewell to my longest vacation I ever have in my life. 6 months woo!! I'll reupdate this soon enough.

Oh yes, btw, regarding my previous post..., the Firefox 3 team made the the record. Congratz again. Ahaha!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Firefox Certificate

Sunday, June 22, 2008
On the 18th of June, the sfx team launches the Firefox Download Day 2008 as an attempt to create a new record of Most Downloaded in a day. Since it is free, and plus, I'm a user of Firefox too, so I pledged on the website and downloaded the software. Below is an official certificate that I got from their website. For now, their record attempt is still being judged by the people from Guinness Book of Record. I hope a few amperes that I spent over electricity don't go to waste. XD

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shahro for Dummies

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Well, I think most of us have read 'for Dummies' series book. If I'm not mistaken, the first one I read was 'Computer For Dummies'. I borrowed it from a local library back then. Well, at that time, seeing a lot of other titles with the same cover, I'm quite fascinated with the fact that this kind of book has been published globally, and very well known. The book itself is very interactive that suites its claim, 'For Dummies'. I wonder why I post about this to begin with. LoLz....
wait a second, lemme recall...





Oh Yes! LoLZ....
Its not something really important. Just earlier, I found a website to generate a 'For Dummies' book cover. So I made one for myself.

Opps, something is wrong there. It should be 'NO other site describes' & '...a few HTML pages'. Aha, I made it in hurry anyway.(the best common excuse) Ah nvm. The generator can be reached here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Weeks Countdown! Hajimaru!

Friday, June 13, 2008
Today is the 13th day of June, which means, there is exactly 14 days (2 weeks) before my flight to Shah Alam. Revising Chemistry and Additional Math seems to be easier now compared to at school. Perhaps this is because I don't feel any exam pressure at all. Ahah! Gotta enjoy this moment very well before I go to the next stage.

Listing a few of my to-do list, they are... doing medical checkup... buying a few odds and ends... Oh! Thats all! Ahaha. The list is stuffed with the odds and ends after all. Haha.

Okay. So if the to-do list is not that important, maybe I should bother about my family's to-worry list upon our ["range of time"] not being at home. To name a few...

1) Who's going to take care of the fishes...

2) Who's going to take care of the turtles... ==

3) Who's going to take care of... my CATS!!

4) Who's going to take care of... my desktop PC???????
(Ah, well, this one is my personal worrisome thought, ahaha)

Oh! Talking about my PC.. suddenly, more thoughts come to my mind... wt...

i) Who's going to update my antivirus...
ii) Who's going to clean the PC processor heatsink...
iii) Who's going to clean the PC chassing fan...
iv) Who's going to do registry cleaning...
v) Oh crap!!
vii) Oh crap!!!!

(Somehow I like the word 'crap' nowadays, thanks to Dr. Ashen)

BUt ah.... hei hei.. taking some HAruhi's words....
"It'll work itself out"
I'd like to test how far this seems-convincing sentence can do.

Ah! I've gotten off topic, didn't I? Hei Hei. So with that, I officially announce, my 2 weeks plan of i'm-going-to-name-it-later has started.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Mini Greenscreen

Monday, June 9, 2008
Ahaha! Well, I've been planning this thing quite long time ago. The urge came yesterday, when I accidentally visited a Youtube video of a fan-made Power Rangers parody. On top of that, [as a newb] I've discovered a better photoshop technique, so a greenscreen comes to mind =D. I wonder what is the difference between the greenscreen and the bluescreen(not in computer term, please) that they often use during film-making. Do they have different purposes? That reminds me of The Making of The Matrix. Hohoho.

So, desperate enough, I went to nearby stores (area Satok lah, mane lagi =D) to buy the materials.

I've got a few big colour papers, A4 size colour papers, cello tape, a lamp bought from a discount store (XD), wire extension[for the lamp], 2-pin socket [since I extended the wire], black PVC tape, and a 14w florescent bulb. Except for the bulb, everything else can be considered as cheap. Haha. Suitable for a cheap project like this.

Initially, I plan to make the green screen using the big green paper. But then... what the...,bought the wrong paper type! The surface is highly reflective! I forgot to double check it at the shop ==. Luckily I still have the green A4 papers. Because of my mistake, I need to do more work on joining these A4 pieces together -.-".

Tick tock tick tock, after a few hours(including the time I took for lunch break), the result is..... not so good, but satisfied me =D.

Please don't comment much because this is just a simple, cheap and desperate project =D. The glare appears because I took the picture from different angle and with different camera mode =D. The A4 papers sure are annoying ==. Maybe I'll go search for a better fabric next time or should I buy the EEFX Chromakey Greenscreen set? Haha!

The shadow is irritating, pif. Too bad I only have one lamp as light source. If I have two, I could have put them at the left and the right side instead of putting one at the top, hence minimizing the shadow. Well, I admit, this is very far from being a seamless greenscreen.

...and that's it, my first mini greenscreen. Opps, forgot to mention, "hand-made". ^^

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introduction to Userbars

Sunday, June 8, 2008
After so many years being involved in internet activity, starting yesterday I realized one type of picture that people usually put as signature in forums. The thing that made their existence being noticed by me is because all of them have the same dimensions that is 350 x 20. Most of these pictures have words such as 'PS2 owner", "Wii Owner", "Crysis Player", "M.U. Fan", and etc etc. For me to discover such thing this late... oww... I guess I myself has to be blamed for not being active in any forum. Ahaha.

Well then... I might as well celebrate my discovery here.
So, after a few visit to various site such as imageshack.com and photobucket.com, I finally learned that they are called as Userbars. (I'm a newb in this stuff, bear with me =D)

Google has proven itself being very useful again. I found a few sites that offer Userbar search. One of them is the one claimed as the first and the original Userbar site www.userbars.com.

Okays. That ends the talk. I've put my userbars image on my friendster profile. They r soooooo colourful. Here's the link. www.friendster.com/lunarcorona.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Noob VS Newb - The Definition

Sunday, March 9, 2008
Well, I often hear people in MMO especially calling each other as noob. (My MMO was Ragnarok Online). At that time, I don't really care because it never appear in the dictionary. But still, the way people are using it to insult are getting weirder and weirder everyday.

Before reading any further, I want to emphasize that, I made this article based on current gaming style at MY/SG.

For example... B call A as noob because A killed(pvp) B using weapon that is very strong that is not common for other player to afford it. For me, it is a misuse of the word 'noob'.

Commonly in MMO games, after a few years, there will be a few groups/guilds/unions that monopoly the game and of course, they are quite popular. But then, other new groups/guilds/unions are called as noob because they consists of weak/new player. Is that alright?

Useable Items/Equipments that gives no or weak ability to the player are called as noob items. Is that alright?

I don't really mind if I were to be called noob in such situation, I know they are misusing it.

Anyway, today, I found this cartoon strip on the internet.

But I think people aren't too soft to say 'newb' in games. Hahah!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Driving License for MYan

Sunday, February 3, 2008
Yosh... Its been a few weeks now since I started picking up the driving lesson.
Actually, I was quite blur during the first week on the procedure of getting license. After I went through all that stuff... it seems clearer for me.
Well, first of all, I just know that, different driving institute charge differently for ur lessons...
As my friend just had to pay RM800 for both car(D) and motorcycle(B) license at his place of training, I had to pay something like rm1.5k for the same stuff. Sigh.... it almost double the amount... But I hope there is something worth in it...
At the place I do my training, the procedure for having car driving license is something like this.

Upon registering at the Driving Institute, you will be given a 500 Questions and Answers book which covers up all(I think) possible 500 questions that may be asked during the tabletest.
First of all, you need to have a 5-hour of KPP Course (Kurikulum Pendidikan memandu) which during the talk, you will be briefed on traffic rules, drivers responsibilities, etc, etc, and some information on the tabletest coming up. You will also be given a KPP textbook. A JPJL2A certificate is given.
Perhaps this is not common, but my Driving Institute let me have a pre-test of the tabletest. This is because they dont want any of their student to fail the tabletest.
Then, its the tabletest (Bahagian 1). Well, before I continue, maybe I should mention that the tabletest is actually done using a computer. You will be given a set of randomly picked question (from the 500 i guess), and you will have to answer it in a certain amount of time. This test consist of 3 part, colourblind test, roadsigns(highway code), and the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan things. I was told that, If you get wrong one question of the colourblind part, you will fail the test. You will get your result immediately after the test =D. Mark to pass is at least 42/50.
Then you will have to undergo for another 6-hour course, which is recently divided into 2x 3 hours. The first 3 hours is just theory on ur vehicle, and the second 3 hours is the briefing of the practical test, which will be aided by your instructor. Your 'L' license will be processed after getting JPJL2B certificate from this course.
Then... you will train for the practical test on the circuit(Bahagian 2) and on the road driving(Bahagian 3). For me it takes one month =D. A lot of funny things happen during this times. Until now, Manual Transmissioned cars are used for training purpose. (I don't know how about other countries).
Lastly, the practical test(Bahagian 2 & Bahagian 3) where you will be assessed by the people from JPJ. They will assess you on how well you can handle your vehicle. Some mark may be deducted for carelessness. Thats all. By passing the this test, You will be able to get ur 'P' license and hold it for 2 years before applying for competent driver license.
That sums it all... I hope this will make it clear for newb^^.
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