Friday, October 24, 2008

XP vs Vista (Chips)

Friday, October 24, 2008
By Chips Magazine

Recently I bought a Oct 08 Chips magazine. It seems to be a monthly routine to buy 1 at MPH Bookstore at The Summit for me. XD. This month's release has an article that I've been looking for so long =D =D =D
Remember my post called Noob argue about Vista?

Chips has done the work for me =D. And surprisingly, their conclusion is very much similar to mine.

I wont go through all the test process in this post XD. You will have to buy the mag if you want to know. I'll just put their conclusion here.

"Even though it might sound astonishing, Vista wins hands down. The latest version of Windows comes out as the frontrunner, but only if one has a high speed computer and the latest hardware and software product. Even though the User Account Control can be annoying, with respect to security, the OS offers much more then its predecessor. XP only has partial success - users with sluggish computers or notebooks should keep using this seasoned OS, not just because it is quicker but also because it has virtually none of the hardware of software problems that Vista poses." (October 08, Chips Magazine)

In red is the the thing that is not mentioned in my post earlier.

But the conclusion does not covers everything. Buy the magazine to see the result for each test they did. Both have their own advantage in certain situation. =D =D

(p/s : Work cited. )

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Nazrikawi said...

cited? which style MLA or chicago???

Shahro said...

We use MLA =D

Daniel Drake Carlos said...

I just couldn't agree more... :P

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