Friday, August 22, 2008

My HyperMemory

Friday, August 22, 2008
Sorry, this has nothing to do with my brain watsoever. The HyperMemory simply refers to a technology developed by Ati in heir GPU to enhance mobility experience.

Erm... actually, I'm quite curious about my graphic card... It is Ati Mobility Radeon x2300 by the way.

Before scrolling any further, it is good to know that, there are 2 possible type of memory for any graphic processor.

1) Integrated/Shared Memory - You graphic processor will use your system RAM to store data. (ex. Intel Extreme/ Intel Extreme 2)
2) Dedicated memory - Your graphic processor has its own memory to store data. (ex. nVidia, Ati)

...and then, what is HyperMemory?
... From what I've learned so far, HyperMemory is a technology developed by Ati that expands the available dedicated memory in the graphic card by sharing memory from the system RAM.

My graphic card has HyperMemory technology, so in other words, it utilises both of the dedicated memory and some system RAM for graphic processing purpose.

HyperMemory = Dedicated memory + shared memory

The following is the report from Ati Control Centre and DxDiag, showing how much memory are used for graphic processing. It shows 895MB.
From the picture below, we know that my graphic card has 128MB dedicated memory on-board.

Simple math, calculate

894MB = 128MB + Shared Memory

Here's the big question...

DOES THAT MEANS, I HAVE 766MB OF Shared memory?????????????

Let say... now I have 2Gb of system RAM... So... All this while, Only Around 1.34Gb is available for my Vista???


I wont argue abt the HyperMemory, coz maybe because of it, Im able to play DMC4.
However, having less than 2Gb RAM for Vista is like, breeding a herd of cows in a house. LoL!

Thinking of an upgrade...

(p/s: nVidia's version of HyperMemory is called TurboCache, both company must have had a hard time before they came out with the very fancy name, didn't they? =D)
(p/s 2: Before I buy my laptop, mochiron-desu, I already surveyed a lot of sample product. But I noticed that, all the samples, even for the model that I bought, has only 3xxMB of Total Graphic Memory. I hope, my 894MB is fully used and not just a waste)
(p/s 3: Yet to buy my Eng3U novel =D. Just reading 'em from the internet)

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