Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Firefox Certificate

Sunday, June 22, 2008
On the 18th of June, the sfx team launches the Firefox Download Day 2008 as an attempt to create a new record of Most Downloaded in a day. Since it is free, and plus, I'm a user of Firefox too, so I pledged on the website and downloaded the software. Below is an official certificate that I got from their website. For now, their record attempt is still being judged by the people from Guinness Book of Record. I hope a few amperes that I spent over electricity don't go to waste. XD

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shahro for Dummies

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Well, I think most of us have read 'for Dummies' series book. If I'm not mistaken, the first one I read was 'Computer For Dummies'. I borrowed it from a local library back then. Well, at that time, seeing a lot of other titles with the same cover, I'm quite fascinated with the fact that this kind of book has been published globally, and very well known. The book itself is very interactive that suites its claim, 'For Dummies'. I wonder why I post about this to begin with. LoLz....
wait a second, lemme recall...





Oh Yes! LoLZ....
Its not something really important. Just earlier, I found a website to generate a 'For Dummies' book cover. So I made one for myself.

Opps, something is wrong there. It should be 'NO other site describes' & '...a few HTML pages'. Aha, I made it in hurry anyway.(the best common excuse) Ah nvm. The generator can be reached here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Weeks Countdown! Hajimaru!

Friday, June 13, 2008
Today is the 13th day of June, which means, there is exactly 14 days (2 weeks) before my flight to Shah Alam. Revising Chemistry and Additional Math seems to be easier now compared to at school. Perhaps this is because I don't feel any exam pressure at all. Ahah! Gotta enjoy this moment very well before I go to the next stage.

Listing a few of my to-do list, they are... doing medical checkup... buying a few odds and ends... Oh! Thats all! Ahaha. The list is stuffed with the odds and ends after all. Haha.

Okay. So if the to-do list is not that important, maybe I should bother about my family's to-worry list upon our ["range of time"] not being at home. To name a few...

1) Who's going to take care of the fishes...

2) Who's going to take care of the turtles... ==

3) Who's going to take care of... my CATS!!

4) Who's going to take care of... my desktop PC???????
(Ah, well, this one is my personal worrisome thought, ahaha)

Oh! Talking about my PC.. suddenly, more thoughts come to my mind... wt...

i) Who's going to update my antivirus...
ii) Who's going to clean the PC processor heatsink...
iii) Who's going to clean the PC chassing fan...
iv) Who's going to do registry cleaning...
v) Oh crap!!
vii) Oh crap!!!!

(Somehow I like the word 'crap' nowadays, thanks to Dr. Ashen)

BUt ah.... hei hei.. taking some HAruhi's words....
"It'll work itself out"
I'd like to test how far this seems-convincing sentence can do.

Ah! I've gotten off topic, didn't I? Hei Hei. So with that, I officially announce, my 2 weeks plan of i'm-going-to-name-it-later has started.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Mini Greenscreen

Monday, June 9, 2008
Ahaha! Well, I've been planning this thing quite long time ago. The urge came yesterday, when I accidentally visited a Youtube video of a fan-made Power Rangers parody. On top of that, [as a newb] I've discovered a better photoshop technique, so a greenscreen comes to mind =D. I wonder what is the difference between the greenscreen and the bluescreen(not in computer term, please) that they often use during film-making. Do they have different purposes? That reminds me of The Making of The Matrix. Hohoho.

So, desperate enough, I went to nearby stores (area Satok lah, mane lagi =D) to buy the materials.

I've got a few big colour papers, A4 size colour papers, cello tape, a lamp bought from a discount store (XD), wire extension[for the lamp], 2-pin socket [since I extended the wire], black PVC tape, and a 14w florescent bulb. Except for the bulb, everything else can be considered as cheap. Haha. Suitable for a cheap project like this.

Initially, I plan to make the green screen using the big green paper. But then... what the...,bought the wrong paper type! The surface is highly reflective! I forgot to double check it at the shop ==. Luckily I still have the green A4 papers. Because of my mistake, I need to do more work on joining these A4 pieces together -.-".

Tick tock tick tock, after a few hours(including the time I took for lunch break), the result is..... not so good, but satisfied me =D.

Please don't comment much because this is just a simple, cheap and desperate project =D. The glare appears because I took the picture from different angle and with different camera mode =D. The A4 papers sure are annoying ==. Maybe I'll go search for a better fabric next time or should I buy the EEFX Chromakey Greenscreen set? Haha!

The shadow is irritating, pif. Too bad I only have one lamp as light source. If I have two, I could have put them at the left and the right side instead of putting one at the top, hence minimizing the shadow. Well, I admit, this is very far from being a seamless greenscreen.

...and that's it, my first mini greenscreen. Opps, forgot to mention, "hand-made". ^^

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introduction to Userbars

Sunday, June 8, 2008
After so many years being involved in internet activity, starting yesterday I realized one type of picture that people usually put as signature in forums. The thing that made their existence being noticed by me is because all of them have the same dimensions that is 350 x 20. Most of these pictures have words such as 'PS2 owner", "Wii Owner", "Crysis Player", "M.U. Fan", and etc etc. For me to discover such thing this late... oww... I guess I myself has to be blamed for not being active in any forum. Ahaha.

Well then... I might as well celebrate my discovery here.
So, after a few visit to various site such as and, I finally learned that they are called as Userbars. (I'm a newb in this stuff, bear with me =D)

Google has proven itself being very useful again. I found a few sites that offer Userbar search. One of them is the one claimed as the first and the original Userbar site

Okays. That ends the talk. I've put my userbars image on my friendster profile. They r soooooo colourful. Here's the link.
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