Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunar Spirit back from the Stars!

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Hmm.. well.. lunarness. Why is he so crazy about that? you would ask.Such a lolness. #1

To be honest, there is no real reason. I am just holding on to some logic, but mentioning it here worth nothing because... no one will care, really. (Just like my previous ObeyObeyObey post perhaps XD, but interestingly, some people commented, lol, ty)

Okay, before this crap gets longer, lemme get this straight.
This can be called as... My Lunarness Aniversary... Hooray!
It has nothing to do with my 'big plan coming up' post.
Ok, so let's get going.

By the way, don't waste your time finding the meaning of 'lunarness' although googling it might save some cats. #2

It is about A GAME........
...well, to be exact, AN RPG GAME
related to my lunarness... a lot

Do you aware of a series called Star Ocean? I don't mind if you dont, but at least aware that I do.

A few years back I played this thing called Star Ocean - The Second Story for PS. The story is awesome!! An anime titled Star Ocean Ex also has been made as an adaptation to this game.

Hrmm, of course all fantasy-genred games are great, but this one is different. During that time, I prefer this type of RPG for its real time battle system which is in contrast with a pokemon-like battle system in you-know-which game =D.

That time is that time. Although the you-know-which game has improved da%n a lot now, I still keep up with my Star Ocean =D I have sense of loyalty too, just for you to know =D.


In SOex, the ending theme song was sort of among the 'first wave' of Jpop songs that have hit me, hence introducing me to Jpop genre. =D

Still related to Soex, the ending animation shows three moon revolving the place. The way they emphasize that moon in that scene is so COOOOOOOOL!(... to me of that period, lol)

Just like Rockman series with their adventure-techno-like music, this series also brings along its own style of music which is more time-space-like and toward-the-future-like. LoL. It is also Cool really =D

The most important thing here is... The main character, Rena has a Crescent Hairpin!! Its soooo COOOOOOOOOOL! I like it =D Where else you can find a girl who wears a crescent moon clip?

The main point here is.... it is unique. Oh yes, one more thing... the Star Ocean titles, logo, design, web sites, game menu...some main character's hair are emphasizing on the BLUE COLOUR!! THAT'S SMOKING STYLE!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!! =D =D (lol? y should I be laughing? XD)

(Gasping for air... lol XD)

So, that's the introduction of why I like the series... What makes me so excited today is because Square Enix has released a REMAKE of my favourite installment, Star Ocean 2 - The Second Story. Oh yes, this time with a new title, Star Ocean 2 - Second Evolution. Isn't life so fun??? =D=D

Since I've played it before, why should I show concern? No!!
There are a few reasons, in which among them are...

1) This time, they include some veryx3 COOL animated cut-scene, a truely remake compared to the anime version. PLUS!, the theme song for this game is FANTASTIC! A song called Start by Scandal.
2) Then, the voice actress for Rena this time is.... Mizuki Nana, which from what I've known her so far, she has performed the opening theme song for whole Nanoha series, who is also the voice actress for Hinata in Naruto, Fate in Nanoha series, Yuufa in Ragnarok Animation!!
3) Again, the storyline =D

... unfortunately... it is on PSP.

Ah! Not an obstacle at all. While waiting for the English version to come out, I'll start saving =D =D =D.

Ah! Some pics!

Rena in SO2Ex...

...and her in SO2SE

#1: Might not apply to all of you. Mainly to the people who know me more than 3 years =D
#2: Don't you ever heard of the quote "Cat dies because of curiosity?"

(p/s: Last time when I play eRO, I remember giving a Crescent Hairclip to a person. Wonder what happened to it now XD)
(p/s 2: I changed the Flash player on the top right to play the SO2SE theme song. Hear it!!)

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