Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How does it begin...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Erm.. how shud I say this. So far, I did badly(at least in my own perspective) on my Leadership and English presentation. Why? Well... I'm not sure why... its kinda excuse if if I say my English also sux, but thats the truth. Well, I'm not giving up, looking forward for the next presentation.

Oh well, it looks like, they also like to stress on plagiarism a lot. That is something new for me. Citation oh citation. But, if it is my work that is being copied by people, of course I'll indeed go berserk. So, I guess they have a point in doing that.

The only subject that I'm very happy with so far is... weirdly Advance Function... where everyone else(probably) find it as boring. The second would be my Chemistry class. Woot! Is it a coincidence?

Yeah! It feels a lot different when you are being taught by foreign lecturer. Their way of seeing things are quite different. (In fact, non of my lecturers are Malaysian, ROFL). I love it when they start to crack up jokes in the middle of the lectures. Oh yes. One thing that I noticed during class is, they like to 'thumbs up'. Mostly it happens when they are concluding their lesson of the day. Everytime they do it, it feels like they unliterally saying "It's very easy right?".

Oh yes... It is worth to mention that, for all my classes( Management, Chemi, Adv.Func, English), I manage to find someone to be hated. Well, here it probably means, 'someone I must be better from'. Well, it is not too bad to be hated rite? Unpurposely, you are motivating someone else. Aha! So, for those who think they are the best in class, I HATE YOU! =D

(p/s: Nazri! Thank you very much for the GSP! Credit also goes to Pak Lim for letting us be the 'pewaris' of the GSP)

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