Friday, April 8, 2011

Another day of winter: A week prior to Final Exam.

Friday, April 8, 2011
Good morning!! Wow. Dust is everywhere!


There is only one more week before the my first final exam paper, and three weeks before the last.
BIG QUESTION, looping in my mind right now is this; what can I do to make this 'one week before exam' different from the 'one week before exam' that I've had countless times before?

Study harder? I've done that... even though it is speculate-able of how much 'harder' I've been through for the past years.

Study on the very last minute? I've done that too. The worse to date is to start revision 30 minutes before my paper -.-. (Don't try this at home, kids)

Partying in MMORPG the night before exam? I could be proud of this easily.

Of course, another question that leads to the previous question is; why do I want something different now?
Simple, yet meaningful question.

There is only 1 extreme of outcome that people like to have in their exams, that is the highest mark possible.
That's where the problem lies. For the last centuries, (lol) my marks has been.... what you may call... average, expected, foreseen, even before you registered for the course.

There is no problem with that really. Like a buoy at the ocean. Under state of equilibrium, the buoy must be floating on top of the water, and be at the lowest altitude in the atmosphere. That is to be expected.

What I am thinking right now is... analogicaly... if I am able to create some sort of seawave, or wind turbulent, or any anomalies that can disrupt that equilibrium, hence lifting the buoy into the air. Yeah!!

Within this 1 week, what can I do? Hrmm.

[p/s: I sent my camcorder back for manufacturer warranty repair last Wednesday. This is the first time I do such thing. It was exciting to learn how that is done ^^. I hope they correct the problem before I get back to Malaysia. If it does, I'll finish the Boom de Yada project in Malaysia insyaallah. Yea!]
[p/s/s: Winter is closing it's curtain. Can't wait to start posting with 'Another day of Spring' as the title. =)]
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