Thursday, July 31, 2008

PC Fair!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Starting from this Friday, (tmr precisely) there will be a PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. I'm thinking of a way to go there ==.

Well, what should I buy?

Laptop hardware/software? Nope, I have upgraded everything possible before I come to KL. Except for Windows Vista ler. I'm still using the Home Premium. Well, even if I have the chance to upgrade, I'll think about the Vista Ultimate solely because of the Dynamic wallpaper & Full backup feature. Other than that, nah, no reason. The other feature just wasting my memory resources.

Erm.. digital cameras? Nah, not needed, lol. It is easier & much cheaper to borrow =D

Handphone? Well, I do think about it, but... nah... Laterz. I cant ensure a stable financial condition within the next 3 years yet. But if it is ok, then the option will automaticaly be available =D

Oh ya... I think I know....
A laptop backpack.... and a laptop cooler. I'm lacking of those. Laptop cooler isn't that pricey.. but the backpack... == I guess I need to do some price survey again.

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