Saturday, October 25, 2008

Unit 2102 Dark Trade

Saturday, October 25, 2008
On last Thursday, we had our Unit test for the chapter Electrochemistry =D. The test is hard, but still manageable. =D If it is not hard, it wont be called as test anyway = =. Test are meant to be hard, Yeap!

And then, on the next day which is Friday, which is also yesterday(lol), we had our English 3U test for our knowledge in Shakespeare. Now, I see Shakespeare quite differently than the way I look at him before we get into our unit. He is simply... a freak. lol. No just kidding. Muahaha.

By finishing the 2 test, all of our subjects are finally in their last Unit.
Gambatte to all ICPU scholar.

Done with that.
So, today we decided to refresh our spirit and soul at The Summit.

As the result... =D =D


Ah! 1 more person is not there =D. Too bad he has his own plan for the day. If not, we could make it 3 vs 3, woohoo.

We went pooling! Actually, our initial plan is to go jamming, but since there is some unknown argument between my friends and the Guitar place owner, the plan deviated XD.
I didn't actually finish the game. After a few shots, I went downstair to find some ANIME DVDs.

[update 26/10: Wait a second,.. I just realized something in the picture...]
Black vs Pink vs Yellow vs Red vs Green

Tomorrow, maybe I'll go to Low Yat to check out some new stuffs =D.
I have a few things in mind now...

1) Asus F5VL battery or
2) Ext. Hard Disk or
3) Sony PSP or
4) HP...

Maybe I'll ignore option 3 and 4 for now. Option 1 and 2 however, are crucial. Now I know why my friends who went to tertiary education earlier inquired about ext. hard disk. Haha. Naruhodo.
On the other hand, for my F5VL battery.... FISH!

(p/s: [Update 26/10] Too bad I was wearing black. So ironic, the one who likes to wear blue shirt didn't wear it on such occasion XDXD)

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