Sunday, January 3, 2010

Open-heartedly welcoming 2010.

Sunday, January 3, 2010
Once again, Happy New Year everyone.

Went to City Square Edmonton for the countdown event.

Here I uploaded a clip from Lucky Star to help me convey the message literally.

2010 is a beautiful number to me. It is... rounded up, if you get what I mean. Additionally, it also coincides with the year I'm turning hatachi, which is a rounded up number as well.
Then, being hatachi this year also coincides with the year I attend university as undergraduate.
So, in my perspective, it is like a beautiful RESET button. So, I'll press it today.

Just like any New Year, including Hijrah new year of course, I will come up with some sort of resolution to be aimed at. 2009's resolution was a success =). Alhamdulillah. But since 2010 is like a special year to me, I want to make something else as well.

Therefore, for this occasion, I have announced a self-inspired-changes-for-a-better-life project called Project Hatachi! So, unlike the 2010 resolutions, this project contents will have a permanent impact on me. Insyaallah.

So, begin with this year's resolution =)
(drum rolls...)
1) Get at least A- for all my subjects in the second semester. The time has come to get rid of the Bs.

2) Finish 2010 diary dammit! Lots of blank for the last 2 years.

Then the hatachi project... I'll just put some summary. It kind of personal actually, and there is no benefit for anyone else to know them =)

1) Anonymousization of me in the internet.
2) Control the way anime impacts my life for the next 10 years.
(Note: Not getting rid of it, for those who care)
3) Time to get involved practically with something I've been waiting for so long; Computer Science.
4) Memorize some more Surahs.

With that, Happy New Year and happy get to school everyone =)

 Thank you for reading.

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