Thursday, July 31, 2008

Noob argue about Vista

Thursday, July 31, 2008
XP? Bleh, why building a small hut if your land can fit a house.
Well, in this case, the 'land' refers directly refers to my computer capabilities while XP = hut and Vista = house. LoL (yes, of course, you also need a lil more money for the house)

In conclusion, if your hardware requirement is good enough to run Vista, then GO FOR IT!
If your hardware component is good, it will run smoothly, you wont complaint, and that's the proof.

Otherwise, use XP then.

And then, noob often say something like "Vista is not compatible with some software"...
that is not really correct, and it is a really pure noob statement. The correct way to say it is, "Some software is not compatible with Vista". To elaborate, it's not the operating system that should be modified to suit the software, but instead, it is the software that should be improved to work on Vista.

Ah! Looks like I've been supporting Microsoft by creating this post. Maybe I'll put something about Mac in the future. That will keep the world in balance. LOL.
I just create this article to express my feeling toward people who keep saying "Vista is bad". Well, I also did say that before, but not now. It is important to note that, I do not say anything bad about XP either.

In conclusion... "XP is SUPERB, while Vista is a bit more ahead, it just needs support from the software designers".

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Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Posts about Mac? Wow... can't wait for that... :P

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