Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heartz.. eh no.. Hartz

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
ICE-CREAM PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've lost my blogging rhythm = =. . . seriously. . . nvm, let's continue =D

Last Saturday a bunch of people of X-Gen held up a mini-reunion (that's what it should be called I believe =D) at Sarawak Plaza. Eh no, to be exact, at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

I know there are a lot of VIP missing =D. For those who weren't there don't worry, I'm sure we will be able to meet again sometime in the future =D. We miss you all =D.

Tq to Hartz staff for the pic =D.

the 4 at the back =D

Behind the scene story? Well, I as well as my unlucky fellow Avanza passenger (Nazri, Zulothman, Qadim) arrived 'a bit' late to the meeting location due to some personal problem + carpark confusion =D.

What else? Hmm.. the earliest one to go back home sadly was K'Nizam. He had his mom to pick him up at 5pm. To K'Nizam, sorry for the Spore btw =D. If you have anytime before this Sunday, we can exchange again =D.

Ermm... that's all =D

(p/s: Moon cube 3/4 finishing. Yay!)
(p/s2: ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had at least 5 plates of them. Muahahaha. Once in a while =D)

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Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Wow... I just can't believe it... I was so thin back then... I really do... Not to mention I still have the same old green t-shirt... and btw, when r we going to do these kinda, so called "reunion" again...? *Wondering... :P*

Daniel Drake Carlos said...
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