Monday, June 9, 2008

My Mini Greenscreen

Monday, June 9, 2008
Ahaha! Well, I've been planning this thing quite long time ago. The urge came yesterday, when I accidentally visited a Youtube video of a fan-made Power Rangers parody. On top of that, [as a newb] I've discovered a better photoshop technique, so a greenscreen comes to mind =D. I wonder what is the difference between the greenscreen and the bluescreen(not in computer term, please) that they often use during film-making. Do they have different purposes? That reminds me of The Making of The Matrix. Hohoho.

So, desperate enough, I went to nearby stores (area Satok lah, mane lagi =D) to buy the materials.

I've got a few big colour papers, A4 size colour papers, cello tape, a lamp bought from a discount store (XD), wire extension[for the lamp], 2-pin socket [since I extended the wire], black PVC tape, and a 14w florescent bulb. Except for the bulb, everything else can be considered as cheap. Haha. Suitable for a cheap project like this.

Initially, I plan to make the green screen using the big green paper. But then... what the...,bought the wrong paper type! The surface is highly reflective! I forgot to double check it at the shop ==. Luckily I still have the green A4 papers. Because of my mistake, I need to do more work on joining these A4 pieces together -.-".

Tick tock tick tock, after a few hours(including the time I took for lunch break), the result is..... not so good, but satisfied me =D.

Please don't comment much because this is just a simple, cheap and desperate project =D. The glare appears because I took the picture from different angle and with different camera mode =D. The A4 papers sure are annoying ==. Maybe I'll go search for a better fabric next time or should I buy the EEFX Chromakey Greenscreen set? Haha!

The shadow is irritating, pif. Too bad I only have one lamp as light source. If I have two, I could have put them at the left and the right side instead of putting one at the top, hence minimizing the shadow. Well, I admit, this is very far from being a seamless greenscreen.

...and that's it, my first mini greenscreen. Opps, forgot to mention, "hand-made". ^^

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