Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The origin of Rockman.exe, Borneo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Taken from the very first episode of Rockman.exe, when the main character, Netto (ネット) still do not own his own custom Net Navi.

Reminiscent moment once in a while ^^.

See? My instinct is right afterall. LoL.
All the more proud I am to have been born in Borneo =)

Just in case anyone wondered, those are screenshot from Rockman.exe, which was my favorite animation back then in primary school. It was aired around the Digimon era, when I was in primary 5-6. Of course, it wasn't aired in Malaysia until recently. Back then I had to find bits of them on the internet and buy CDs from the store.

But I didn't catch the Borneo part back then because fansubs were not popular, and I didn't know any japanese language back then as well. Only RAW media were available. LoL. So, thinking that now I have the bandwidth, I better get any last bit of fansubbed version before they extinct from the net =).
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