Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heartz.. eh no.. Hartz

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
ICE-CREAM PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've lost my blogging rhythm = =. . . seriously. . . nvm, let's continue =D

Last Saturday a bunch of people of X-Gen held up a mini-reunion (that's what it should be called I believe =D) at Sarawak Plaza. Eh no, to be exact, at Hartz Chicken Buffet.

I know there are a lot of VIP missing =D. For those who weren't there don't worry, I'm sure we will be able to meet again sometime in the future =D. We miss you all =D.

Tq to Hartz staff for the pic =D.

the 4 at the back =D

Behind the scene story? Well, I as well as my unlucky fellow Avanza passenger (Nazri, Zulothman, Qadim) arrived 'a bit' late to the meeting location due to some personal problem + carpark confusion =D.

What else? Hmm.. the earliest one to go back home sadly was K'Nizam. He had his mom to pick him up at 5pm. To K'Nizam, sorry for the Spore btw =D. If you have anytime before this Sunday, we can exchange again =D.

Ermm... that's all =D

(p/s: Moon cube 3/4 finishing. Yay!)
(p/s2: ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had at least 5 plates of them. Muahahaha. Once in a while =D)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm not an economist either

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
It has been a good while =D

The urge to post this time come from a news that published recently regarding the current recession...

To make long story short, the author of the article expected 10 things that won't survive the recession.

Just in case, recession means downfall in the economy, as we always hear in the news lately.

You dont have to go through all of those 10.
Let see the 8th. That's enough =D

1. Free tech support
-simply refering to companies that offer free technical help to user
Why - a lot of wikis, guides on the internet, etc

2. Wi-Fi you have to pay for
-place that offer paid wi-fi
Why - free wi-fi place gets more support

3. Landline phones (Malaysia as a developing country is not included i guess XD)
-cabled telephone provider
Why - Handphones!

4. Movie rental stores
-shop that offer movies renting
Why - Downloads!!!

5. Web 2.0 companies without a business plan
-i dont quite get this one = =

6. Most companies in Silicon Valley
-apparently a place, lol

7. Palm Inc
-a company I don't aware of = =

8. Yahoo
-a company
Why? - "Yahoo Inc. is another company that can't seem to do anything right. Or, at least, can't compete with Google. Yahoo will be acquired by someone, and its brand will become an empty shell -- used for some inane set of services but appreciated only by armchair historians (joining the ranks of Netscape, Napster and Commodore)." (computer world)

9. Half of all retail stores
-book stores, video game stores, toy stores
Why - Online stores conquering, Amazon.com etc.

10. Satellite Radio
-dont get this one either

Reminder, be aware that this is a secondary source. It is up to you to believe it or not.
For primary source, click here (10 things that won't survive the recession).
Firstly, I'm sorry if this post offends anyone =D.

I regret that Yahoo is included in the list. But apparently, it can't be denied that from what normal end-user(like me) can see, all of the necessary service we need (e-mail, web-hosting, search engine, web translator, social sites, etc) are also greatly promoted by other websites, and some more, they are free. I do use Yahoo!Ask several times and it is indeed usefull. For several times, I also used Yahoo!Geocities for the free domain they offer; sufficient for my college presentations.

During their early days... my child mind compared a better free email provider between those two. Yahoo! or Hotmail. Does by signing up the former will make me feel happy? That's lame.. the latter also doesn't seems convincing... Hot? Why not Cool instead? So, I registered with other no-longer existing mail provider such as doraemon, dingdong. I was a child, not to be blamed. But then, my need risen into requiring it to work with e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express. It appeared that Hotmail is the only free HTTP email that supports back then. So... why not...

But you know what... there is another factor that made me prefer everything-else-except Yahoo!. I declared it when I was primary 5(2001)... I dont like YELLOW alone = =. For this, I also hate all those yellow emoticons. I nvr used any during chatting to begin with, not even in forum. If I remember correctly, before the appearance of pop-ups blocker, it was very annoying to see various pop-up advertisement especially about Custom Icon, Custom Emoticons... they made the yellow guy looks very ugly.Full stop

I actually was thinking of having YM when suddenly they announce that both Yahoo! and Hotmail user can contact each other. ROFLcopter

Before I end this, I know that I'm being not responsible for complaining on my own instead of letting them know. How to let them know anyway? Bah! Nvm.

I don't mind migrating, as how I was able to migrate from nVidia to Ati =D. It is Green to Red in term of colour anyway. I thought I hate red too back then. Ahaha! But, image comes first!

(p/s: Yes. I dont like yellow ALONE. Blue with little yellow is a great pair! Probably my favourite. As seen in my blog =D)
(p/s2: For my high school, I dont hate the Yellow[Diamond] House at all. Muahaha. Don't worry. I just don't like the colour. But still, thank god I was chosen into the Blue[Sapphire] House)
(p/s3: My MoonCUBE project is in the middle phase. Yay!! Tomorrow I'm going to borrow sewing machine from my auntie for the greenscreen part)

[Update 15/1/09: I take back my words abt the Yellow things... I realized that I only hate the smiley.. Realized it when I went to Maybank recently = =. That's what happen if you add emotion into things]

Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday, December 5, 2008

Out of nowhere, my interest has been very deep into the PSP3000 lately, ほんとうに.
It's time for getting access to black market. After all, my first semester has finished =D.
Yes, I'm aware that the third PSP is not flexible enough to run homebrew softwares =D.
For me... that's good... for 2 reasons.
1) LESS supporting warez product. I still can't utterly get away from it, lolz. I'm not super duper rich you know, ほんとうに.
2) LESS games to be entertained =D. I wont be much bothered to play my previous GBA/PS1 games on it. Haha... ほんとうに.

Proloque end-

I've done my best for the final exam (in which the last one was held yesterday). I hope every effort that I made worth my time =D... eh?? or is it "time I spent worth my effort"? ARGGH... nvm. There is still one thing though... that keep me unhappy.


Four days ago, I learned a new thing about Streamyx. They has a fair-usage policy in which the connection of the people who download torrents are capped. This is true. I confirmed it myself! In fact, I have realized it earlier! Muahaha! Check out this site!

According to an article created by a frustrated Malaysian (because of his internet service, I believe), he said that Streamyx caps the torrent connection down to 10kBps. Personally, I think the capping is variable rather than fixed at 10kBps. Aha. Coz last time I download a fresh torrent, the speed was at 20++kps average. I'm just using 512kbps Streamyx package, so my experiment has flaw =D. But it could be true.

I'm not sure whether Streamyx just limit the torrent download speed or the whole IP connection, but I believe it is the latter.


In the past few hours, I went to The Summit for dinner. Eventually, I came across a magic shop. To make long story short, I bought a 'magic power' for RM30. Muahaha... ほんとうに.


In the next few hours, I'm going to Low Yatt (again!) to check out some new stuff. A few things that I want to look at are... my laptop battery, some compact cameras, PSP, as well as some handphones. Just window-shopping, haha. No money actually... ほんとうに.


(p/s: [regarding the picture] How should I say this... Clannad + PSP = heavenly hell cool! ほんとうに! Did the photographer predicted that I'm going to visit his site? lol)
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