Monday, October 27, 2008

New NFS!!

Monday, October 27, 2008
Just in case you are not aware, EA will launch their next installment of the Need For Speed series on November 18. The title is... Need For Speed - Undercover. =D

This new installment is particularly based on our all-time favourite game - Need For Speed Most Wanted. There are cops, helicopters, new world to be explored as usual,... and the cars that can be damaged just like in Prostreet.

Maybe the difference this time is, there are missions that will be given to you, such as going to somewhere to pick up something, send it to somewhere else... etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... just like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, now you can be the cop! You can be the one who make people get busted XD.

As for now, the game has not been released yet, but you can see some in-game footage at youtube... such as this one.

Some quotes from various sites. =D

"Riccitiello(CEO of EA) stated Undercover is taking inspiration from action films such as The Transporter, with a large embedded narrative."

"John Doyle (Developer at EA Black Box) has hinted Undercover will feature a brand new game mechanic and a "Most Wanted-ish" sandbox style of gameplay."

There seems to be some appearance of characters from previous installment as well.

Hmm... my comment?
........... Please oh please... there better be some multiplayer function for LAN gaming.

I've been onto the NFS series for quite a long time. I could say... since the beginning? LoL. I'm looking forward to play this game. Hopefully my x2300 can handle it = =. It wont be much fun for me since I can't enjoy its graphic quality which has been their main attention recently.

(p/s: I have lost my interest in Spore[another game by EA] = =. Can someone buff me up back?)

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