Thursday, July 31, 2008

Noob argue about Vista

Thursday, July 31, 2008
XP? Bleh, why building a small hut if your land can fit a house.
Well, in this case, the 'land' refers directly refers to my computer capabilities while XP = hut and Vista = house. LoL (yes, of course, you also need a lil more money for the house)

In conclusion, if your hardware requirement is good enough to run Vista, then GO FOR IT!
If your hardware component is good, it will run smoothly, you wont complaint, and that's the proof.

Otherwise, use XP then.

And then, noob often say something like "Vista is not compatible with some software"...
that is not really correct, and it is a really pure noob statement. The correct way to say it is, "Some software is not compatible with Vista". To elaborate, it's not the operating system that should be modified to suit the software, but instead, it is the software that should be improved to work on Vista.

Ah! Looks like I've been supporting Microsoft by creating this post. Maybe I'll put something about Mac in the future. That will keep the world in balance. LOL.
I just create this article to express my feeling toward people who keep saying "Vista is bad". Well, I also did say that before, but not now. It is important to note that, I do not say anything bad about XP either.

In conclusion... "XP is SUPERB, while Vista is a bit more ahead, it just needs support from the software designers".

PC Fair!!


Starting from this Friday, (tmr precisely) there will be a PC Fair at KL Convention Centre. I'm thinking of a way to go there ==.

Well, what should I buy?

Laptop hardware/software? Nope, I have upgraded everything possible before I come to KL. Except for Windows Vista ler. I'm still using the Home Premium. Well, even if I have the chance to upgrade, I'll think about the Vista Ultimate solely because of the Dynamic wallpaper & Full backup feature. Other than that, nah, no reason. The other feature just wasting my memory resources.

Erm.. digital cameras? Nah, not needed, lol. It is easier & much cheaper to borrow =D

Handphone? Well, I do think about it, but... nah... Laterz. I cant ensure a stable financial condition within the next 3 years yet. But if it is ok, then the option will automaticaly be available =D

Oh ya... I think I know....
A laptop backpack.... and a laptop cooler. I'm lacking of those. Laptop cooler isn't that pricey.. but the backpack... == I guess I need to do some price survey again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How does it begin...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Erm.. how shud I say this. So far, I did badly(at least in my own perspective) on my Leadership and English presentation. Why? Well... I'm not sure why... its kinda excuse if if I say my English also sux, but thats the truth. Well, I'm not giving up, looking forward for the next presentation.

Oh well, it looks like, they also like to stress on plagiarism a lot. That is something new for me. Citation oh citation. But, if it is my work that is being copied by people, of course I'll indeed go berserk. So, I guess they have a point in doing that.

The only subject that I'm very happy with so far is... weirdly Advance Function... where everyone else(probably) find it as boring. The second would be my Chemistry class. Woot! Is it a coincidence?

Yeah! It feels a lot different when you are being taught by foreign lecturer. Their way of seeing things are quite different. (In fact, non of my lecturers are Malaysian, ROFL). I love it when they start to crack up jokes in the middle of the lectures. Oh yes. One thing that I noticed during class is, they like to 'thumbs up'. Mostly it happens when they are concluding their lesson of the day. Everytime they do it, it feels like they unliterally saying "It's very easy right?".

Oh yes... It is worth to mention that, for all my classes( Management, Chemi, Adv.Func, English), I manage to find someone to be hated. Well, here it probably means, 'someone I must be better from'. Well, it is not too bad to be hated rite? Unpurposely, you are motivating someone else. Aha! So, for those who think they are the best in class, I HATE YOU! =D

(p/s: Nazri! Thank you very much for the GSP! Credit also goes to Pak Lim for letting us be the 'pewaris' of the GSP)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lets shopping =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Today, my housemate and I went window shopping at Subang Parade. Since there is no transport, so we went there by public bus. Erm... nthg much interesting actually, coz it was just window shopping. We surveyed a few items price... such as.. laptop bag, ram, etc etc. Thats all? I guess so. XD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today is the Pii Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22/7

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Today is the day responsible for all the thing that you learn involving circle.. .arc, area.. etc etc. It is the 22/7. Thats all I want to say =D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little flashback? DotA

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Well, today, my house (hostel) became the dota spot. ROFL. Erm... that's all I want to say. =D
I'm interested with the game, but i don't want to join its gaming community this late. I should have started playing it a few years ago, but I was paying attention to RO back then. Well, I guess once a week isn't too bad for me to build up dota skills. With that, perhaps I could go to the level of calculating damage per second in a few more months, just like how I did with RO. XD.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

YES!!!! I did it! GSP Rocks!

Saturday, July 19, 2008
FINALLY, I figured out how to make the sliders for the GSP!. Wow.... what a find!
I'm pretty wordless now =D... Mentally, I feel like wanna kick the wall =D. Too happy perhaps XD.

Why? Coz I found this by myself... Nothing else is as enjoyable as discovering something by yourself. Well, the sad part is... i did it on a warez GSP, !@#$.

Well, indeed, i used the word 'discovered' instead of 'learned', coz I did refer to a website how to do it. oW MAN!!! Im looking forward for my presentation =D=D

"Get blessed, get original"

(p/s: i can assume that, I've googled around 10-14 different phrase of keywords in order to find that page. Am I sux enough? Hehe.)
(p/s 2: Naw, this is not the computer mouse port. Haha. ROFL)
(p/s 3: Ermm.. juz wanna mention that... take note of the date =D)

I need GSP!!!

Well, now i have a lil prob doing my assignments. I actually can do it, but I cant put all my knowledge into it. I'm lacking of the 'medium'. For now, that particular medium is... the GSP.

If I want, I can easily get any pirated copies over the internet.... but you know... when we are talking about education, it cant be dealt that way. That is just WRONG. It's wrong because it is illegal. So, to make it legal, I need an original copies. However, since I cant afford the price of a GSP,
I need a sponsored version... and my previous school has it...

And somemore, I think I need to contact my +math teacher to guide on me using the GSP. What i'm needing right now is the tutorial on making a sketch of a function graph with the a,b, and c sliders. What kind of function? Its the forth polynomial series!!! Not the Linear(x), Quadratic(x^2), or Cubic(x^3), but the Quartic(x^4)!!!! Ow man... I don't want to screw anything up. I feel like wanna call the school right now, but today is Saturday... precisely, 1.53am Saturday. ROFLOL!

Ah! I've tried a few Java applet from the internet... but simply said... they are not that good. GSP could be much much better (provided that you know how to use it =_="). However, if by chance, anyone of you who is reading this now, (YES! YOU!) if you happen to know any good site that has applets for mathematic, drop me an email/PM/message/comment/friendster comment.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talking about quantum...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Since I was just a small kid, I was fascinated by a lot of 'high-tech' word such as synchro, fusion, velocity, and so on. And today, like a dream come true, my Chemistry class started the topic of Quantum number. "Quantum of photons", haha. Well... pretty much exciting of course. It has something to do with Erwin Schrodinger's atomic model that oppose Bohr's theory.

And something that comes to my mind during the class, almost everything that I learned about atom during high school seems to be 'made-for-easy-understanding'. It is not the real thing in life. An example would be the movement of electron in an atom. They don't have fixed path like I've seen in the previous textbook. In fact, there are the Uncertainty Principle regarding that matters. Well, I will need to do a research on my own about this. It is indeed interesting ^^.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

at Taylor's

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Aha! So now I officially become a student AGAIN. This also means that I had to bid my farewell to my longest vacation I ever have in my life. 6 months woo!! I'll reupdate this soon enough.

Oh yes, btw, regarding my previous post..., the Firefox 3 team made the the record. Congratz again. Ahaha!
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