Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anime Fest at Taylor's

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Erm.. actually, this festival was held on the 14th of July, in my first few weeks in Taylor's College. During that time, our hostel wireless router was not available yet. So, I thought I might post them later, but somehow... ... ... I forgot.

Apparently, the students have the freedom to actually create a club. All they need (I dunno the real procedure, but I think I heard of this) are a supporting staff(lecturer?), and lotsa members.


Yes! We have ANIME club. They organized an Anime Festival on that day. It was held at the Multipurpose Hall(MPH) in the Main Campus. They had a bunch of thing, but the best thing is ofcourse... Cosplay.

The best first week in college eva?

Erm.. is this from Vampire Knight?

I talked with the 'chief' of that club, he said, the club has a lot of activities and one of them is something that I am very familiar with... Making AMVs =D. Another one that pulled my interest is... they also play Stepmania using the anime themes as the songs!!!

I rmb, it was just a few months ago that I googled for Stepmania, deadly looking for the sources of songs and videos. However, my hope vanished when it says there "1xxMB"... per video. S@#t. I went to a pirated stuffs store looking for a bunch collection of Stepmania vids, but it wasn't there. 1xxMB isnt that many coz I've dled WoW TBC b4 which was approximately 7.3Gb. But time does matter... Wasting 2 days just for a dozen of vids? NO WAY!

However, I dont join that club due to a particular reason.
It's great but... Ive been in this kind of stuff for quite a long time already ='(.
I'm satisfied with my childhood life coz I behaved like a child. So, I'm thinking to do something different for the current stage of my life =D.

And then, someone reading this will probably say, 'Anime isn't only for children'....
Yes, I know that! I did not say that it is, did I? ばか!
I'm just saying that I want to get serious into something else, as simple as that.

But still, YES! For those anime-fan out there(Taylor's students only), by all means, join the Anime Club! =D

(p/s: Too bad there is no Japanese Club. I'm aiming for the Lvl 3 Japanese Profiency Test.)
(p/s 2: Oopps... thx to Ezwan for the photos)

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