Saturday, January 17, 2009


Saturday, January 17, 2009
I certainly heard about a statistic saying that average Malaysian reads 1 book every year.
I'm not sure when, but the time I heard that, a form of 'resist' developed inside me which asking me to prove that to be wrong.

That sure would happen to anyone, doesn't it?
But then, I don't like the idea of reading just to prove some lame statistics to be wrong. LoL.

Prologue ends =D

It is Saturday! This morning, I had a very nice long sleep for the week. Who don't like sleeping? Tell me.
I woke up finding that my housemate seems so... restless? That's a good adjective. Ahahaha! I knew it would become like this, so I hurried to tidy up my room n go to bath.
I spend a couple of minutes later to hear a story of how 6 hours of a day are spent easily.

"Take it easy! Is that worth telling?"

It is actually the night before when my mentioned housemate suggested KLCC to find our books for our English class. Yes, the '6 hours story' is in fact refering to the time my mentioned housemate waited for me.
After we had our 'breakfast', we set our steps to KLCC and this of course by travelling through a series of bus, KTM, and LRT.
About the English class, our teachers has assigned us to find a novels to be criticiced on. Ahaha! I love criticicing! That's what I've been doing all along these years! Critics n critics.

KLCC meanwhile is our final destination since all branches of Popular and MPH bookstore no longer have the books we wanted. I never thought of how nice it is the bookstore at KLCC, but I do regret not knowing it earlier.
Once we arrived at KLCC, we head to the bookstore, led by the same 'outsider' during my birthday mini-party. =D

The place is... Kinokuniya Bookstore. If I jump to conclusion, I would say, "I would like to work there as part-time job right away", but not yet. Oh I just did? lol nvm.

It sounds like a japanese bookstore to me. One thing for certain, there is no Malay material in there... at all! There are 2 ATM-like machine to search books, and it gives out a map to locate the book within the bookstore, just like how ATM machine gives out receipt.
Among the books available are... English, Japanese, Chinese.. and one more language which I can't read = =. Korean perhaps?

HOw should I say... there have no other nicer bookstore I've been before. I can name any novel that I remember in my head, and they appeared, most of the times at least.
Well, I did wonder whether it is becoz they hav no one to buy them XD. But that doesn't seems to be the case.

So, I chose the book that I've wanted so long. Memoir of a Geisha. It's a COOL story abt a profession called Geisha in past time Japan. Almost Cinderella-like, except more dramatic.
Well, that's what I've been told =D.
It has sooo many pages which is soo NICE! I can spend long time to read it. Too bad my English assignment is due a few weeks later = =.

Each of us got our own books it seems. Before we go back, I took note of some Japanese lesson book... hehe. Dont't wanna stop at just the LVl 4 Japanese Proficiency.

[ps: laptop = book. Yes!]
[ps2: To my colleque, I havent seen Memoir of Geisha movie yet. So its fair! I chose it after researching through summary of the novels]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top of my desk

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
As soon as I reached my room, I looked around to find my roommate already arrived. That's not the point anyway.
I suddenly felt what I called this 'MoonXcube-aura'. Ahaha. Well, it simply means I have the urge to tidy up my room.
Urm.. that's a few days ago. I ended up not doing anything coz I had to go out to buy necessities.

It's not really a significant matter, but I think I should include it to give the atmosphere of the surrounding.
So, today I had the free time to do it =D. I think I should also mention that my so-called 'moonXcube-aura' is actually refering to arranging the whole room.
However since part of the room belongs to my roommate, so the urge is limited to my desk = =.
I would also call this post as "Chronicle of my Desk", but you know, it's lame. Ahaha.

This is when the fun begins.

Last semester... I don't think I used my desk that much. I often found in the living room with my laptop reaching for wi-fi signal.
Our wifi signal is pretty bad, not to mention that it always broke. Piff. Back to the topic. My desk was always filled with piles of textbooks n mangas.
I didn't even use the book shelf provided, coz I think it is annoying process to reach it everytime I need to use some books,... too high.

So, since I won't be needing to move my laptop that often anymore, I guess putting it on that desk would be good.
BUt then the books... I guess I should assume that I've grown a bit taller this year to reach the shelf easily =D.

So, I removed all the books n Files n put them up on the shelf, then placed my lappy on the desk.
One problem rose... no place to do my revision. I don't think it is a good idea to place my books on the laptop itself...
In my mooncube, I could easily pull the keyboard platform to put my books on it.

Found the solution, but it require a painful sacrifice of other aspect though. I did suffered from the sight for a few days, but I'm used to it now, ahhaha.
Else, it would give me a lot of benefit. Among the one I should mention is...

*no light reflection from the window.
*space for putting my books for revision/hw.

*I can see the reflection of people coming into my room through my LCD screen.[a few people busted =D]
*My head probably will block my lappy screen if anyone try to sneek from outside.

*My lappy gets the full blow from the fan when I don't need it =D

*My portable speaker can be placed right in front of me which serve its stereo purpose =D.
*My lappy USB ports are at the left side, so no wall obstacle.

So, that's my final configuration =D. I loves it. The benefits defeat the symmetryness I need =D.

(ps: this post actually has 1 other significant meaning... lol)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

another 'Happy' Post [cont]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
I spent the day just like normal days. It actualy could have been merrier if I went somewhere 'cool' to enjoy myself but I can't. School starts tomorrow. So, I just hinted my housemate + 1 outsider(who unintentionally [probably]) stops at my house to refrain from having dinner.

Well yea, expectedly, most of them understand well the meaning of my 'refrain'. So, I didn't bother them much after that hopefully they forgotten. XDXD. I wondered to my room, looking for something that doesn't exist, then turned my laptop on to check my OUAC, and let it defrag itself while setting my WlM status as Away.

I went to Damai via Putra LRT to meet my cousin, Abg Ajib who was willing to fetch me to Menara TM. This could be the first unique birthday in my life, being at one of my idol business company. Seriously! I love the inner wall of the Celcom Service Centre! It's just so... mooncubic inspiring. COOL! Blue! Kichiri Kachiri! Ironically,... my purpose was actually to terminate my celcom postpaid account. Haha.

After lunch, which was a treat by my cousing (thx! GARRRRField), I went to The Summit for a while to shoot some zombies at the arcade, had a few pwnage of ice-cream and before I realized it, the sun has set.


*ding dong!

I'm back... ah!... Apparently they had an amazingly good memory. LoL. Including the 1 outsider. Yea lol.
So, I headed back to my room, turned off my laptop, then together we went to Mydin's KFC.

Actually I don't really care about celebrating my birthday. I'm not pretty sure what do they mean by "celebrate" but I remember telling my parents a few years back to don't bother getting a cake watsoever. Well, of course, after being accustomed to cake, I did felt a lil suffer from mental hunger for the next few years birthday... thx to my so called 'brave' act = =. Anyway, I do mean it, I don't care much.

Except one thing,

I really do appreciate people who take note. It is quite a biassed statement, I'm sorry, but I can't help expressing it. I don't think I'll ever forget you people. I might not have said this to each one of you, THANK YOU!

[ps: I can have a lot of LED and Bulbs to turn off... rather than blowing candles. What so superstitiuos about that anyway?)

another 'Happy' Post =D

Happy Birthday =D

[to be continued]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Firework(s) in front of my house...

Happy New Year... 2009 to be specific.

My zero-eight resolution... i realized that it can't be accomplished within that year... Roflcopter

My zero-nine resolution... continuation of my previous year resolution.

Go to Canada =D...

Insyaallah Amin...

(p/s: At first I thought of having 'completing my next diary' as resolution... but oh well... nvm.. i need training first. Previous attempt seems successful in the beginning.. but after I went to Taylor... muahaha... The 'half-life' of my willpower seems too significant to be handled = =)
(p/s2: So I bought new diary!! =D)

Kichiri Kachiri
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