Friday, August 15, 2008

Muohoho! so fast??

Friday, August 15, 2008
The time now is... 5.20am... Friday =D. Woken up by Konata Izumi's Chala-Head-Chala, I went to the VALS site as pre-requisite for my BOH4M assignment. Since it has finished, that's y i create this post =D

I just realized something about how wireless networking works. Well, I totally mean about the wifi thingy. Erm.. apparently, I'll always lost my connection to the modem during the day, especially when alot of other lappies are also connected to it.
If I read the manual of my modem correctly(the one I have back home), it says, connections may be interupted by the signal from other computer. I looks more like, if there are other wifi devices around, there could be more interuptions. So, that might explain why during ping to, 1 out of 4 packet that my lappy sent had lost.

Interestingly, the condition is totally different at night. I wonder if this is due to the cold air?
Nah, not caused by air I think. If air is included, in fact, the wave should be slower. Somemore, we are using a G-type modem, not the n-type, so the amplitude of the modem signal wont last that far aniway. =D

Continue... after midnight, I am able to get the signal perfectly complete. The speed is marvelous =D Yummy. The avg. rate of transfer I have so far at night is 167 kbps. I wonder what package did they gave us ==.

Lets do a calculation... =D

167 Kilobytes/s x 8 = 1336 Kilobits/s ~ 2Mbps package?
Nothing much to sae... I'll just be grateful =D

And with that, from now on, I will always wake up early, so that the modem's signal wont be wasted =D. Well, Hopefully no one put on a mid-night torrent download.

(p/s: THe whole next week is holidae!!! Kucheng, here I come =D)
(p/s: Konata Izumi is a character from the anime Lucky Star, voiced by Aya Hirano. Aya is the person who also voiced Haruhi in TMoSH, in case you dont care =D)

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