Friday, September 25, 2009

Morning song of Casa Subang

Friday, September 25, 2009
LoL! I just remembered something while randomly playing mp3s from my computer.

Today's very short story is about my ex-roomate at Casa Subang, Zuhair! Yo! Wadcha doing? =D
Basically it's about his alarm clock. Well, it's a phone, so alarm phone sounds ok too.

I remember... it's still dark in the room. So quiet that even the whisper of wind can enter my dream. Our house is at the 21st floor, so it's not unlikely to happen =D
Sleeping is never better without being at your own bed, with your own pillow. Ahaha!

Very very suddenly.. the mouth of his SE phone will start singing this lil song by Yui- Life from Bleach.

then around 20 second passed... it stops. Ahaha! A relief for those who noticed. That is the first round. Continuation of dream is still possible =D

Then.. again, "Kowagari wa umare tsuki ...Hi no atari basho ni dete ...Ryoute wo hirogete mita nara
Ano sora koete yukeru ka na
" well, something like that, and the volume keep increasing! That's when I learnt the meaning of snooze =D. Ahaha

then it stops again... Not relieving coz I know it will sing again! Unfortunately, the song is quite catchy that I feel it's ok to sleep back. Hear it one more time won't hurt =D I'm a J-Pop fan afterall. So, went back kissing my pillow. Urgh! Can't continue dream. Already disconnected.

So, it repeats for a few time until 6am if we are lucky, 6.30am if we r not. Sometimes a living alarm clock will also appear to wake us up. Ahaha!! [Updated Sept 25]

So that's among the early months at Taylor's =D. After that, I get myself a software so that my PC can shout in the morning as well, yeah... the more the merrier.

So here it is! A tribute to Zuhair, presenting Life by Yui

To my other housemate =D Yoh! I'll put story about you guys at a later times okay? =D

[p/s: Happy Celebrating Eid Al-fitr. Wishing you guys all the best in your field]
[Update Oct 7: This has been the 3rd time I change the video coz of copyright problem. Now I can't find any PV of Yui - Life on youtube anymore, so I just use the normal ending video. Sry for that.]

Monday, September 14, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009
It's simply called 'limiters'.

I always have this so called limiters on.

It brought me here.

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