Friday, December 18, 2009

First semester ended... Choices?

Friday, December 18, 2009
Alhamdulillah, yokattane~

The final exam was really spicy. Delicious and spicy. XD

Just now I checked up icputoday, glad to find many kinds of reaction from former ICPU student regarding their choice and experience before coming to Canada. I still feel something's missing though, I would be happy to hear some news from those xICPU who stay at Malaysia, about how they are doing.

I've certainly gone through all those choices that people had to make. In summary for what will be written below, I think the hardest choice I had to make was after SPM.

Reflecting back, it was quite a journey I've had. Starting from pre-school at St. Franchis kindergarden, to SK St. Stephen Bau primary school, then to SM Sains Kuching secondary school, then to Taylor's College, and here I am, at the very next stage at University of Alberta studying Engineering.

I remember, after SPM was the real critical moment where I had to acknowledge all my available options to the future, the "should I go here, or there, or there?" kinds of thing. I had a big dream which was... urm nah, I don't want to tell. But one way to achieve at least part of my dream is to be an engineer, no not really. Any professional job would do. Doctor, lawyer etc. I wanted to be doctor actually, but for the idea of being a 'doctor' I had those day made me feel like they are less likely to be free in the future. I remember one time when my cousin told me that no one among us cousins are going for a doctor profession, and with me going for engineer, what he said are definitely true. Ahaha, so sorry, warukattane~.

Form 2 or Form 3, I'm not quite sure but around those, was the time when I decided that I should choose MECHANICAL engineer. Ahaha! There is this little person who came to my school to give some talk about job. While I was thinking that it was just another useless program organized by the school, I'm glad that I actually pay attention to his speech. So, I took a while to get some information about being an engineer and yes! It will do. Engineering as stepping stone... is my plan. =)

Back to the story, so I knew I should go into engineering, but which one should I choose? I said to myself. There was one time after SPM when I gave up looking for right choice. That is the sort of low-will-powered guy I was. XD So I just pretend I don't know anything and sit at home playing games like an idiot. But then there is this one guy, whom my father is working under, talked to me one time. I forget what the he said XD, but I remember the feeling. Do you ever feel being at lost and someone goes to you(in contrast to you search for them) and say, "that way". It was certainly cheating in one kind of perspective, but somehow I was deeply motivated. I'm so grateful for that, alhamdulillah. Ahah!, there I goes, picked MARA.

Picking universities was lesser much of deal I should say. Because among all those choices that I have, whichever I pick, I certainly know the right junctions afterward. Why UofA?

なんで だろ。。。 ^^

There are reasons but not related to this post, haha.

Whatever they are, I'm very grateful to live a wonderful life. Alhamdulillah.
Looking forward to 5 years ahead.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resident Evil 5

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Yay! Capcom did it again!

 They have just released Resident Evil 5 for PC. Since I have been a fan the resident evil series... (started with 4 actually, so I don't mind if I'm not being acknowledged as pure fan), I can't help but dXXXXXXX it right away! Haha!
So now it's perfect. Last year a post of Capcom's Devil May Cry 4, this year; today, with RE5.
For post on DMC 4, here's the link However, the test on DMC 4 was on my previous laptop.

Bear with a lil prologue;

  Well, I have an exam on the next few days so I didn't bother finishing it. ah... de ja vu....
(well de ja vu coz, my previous post also sounds something similar; "I have more important thing to do so I'll leave it for now")

  Although I changed laptop already, it is still under entertainment category, not gaming laptop. I could have opt for the latter, but... 'Shahro budget 2009-2010' forbids and reviews for the cheapest gaming laptop in my area claimed that it couldn't last longer than 4 hours which'll be my concern for next few years.

In summary, I doubted it can let RE5 run smoothly. The PS3/xbox360 version looked sooo intense in graphics compared to DMC4. I just hoped that since DMC4 is playable at above 60 fps with high quality turned on, this one can get at least above 40fps.

So, with that in mind, I installed.
So after installation, which eaten up 8GB of my disk space, I searched for the Readme.txt and looked for the min requirement. I didn't run it, just to create some suspense atmosphere to myself. XD

Minimum System Requirements

 - Intel(R) Pentium(R) D processor or higher
 - AMD Athlon(TM) 64 X2 or higher
System RAM:
 - Windows(R) XP : at least 512MB
 - Windows Vista(R) : at least 1GB
Video Card:
-DirectX(R)9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible with at least 256MB of video RAM
  - NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 6800 series or higher
  - ATI Radeon(TM) HD 2400 Pro or higher
Sound Card:
 - DirectX(R)9.0c compatible sound card
DVD-ROM Drive:
 - DVD9 compatible Drive
 - 800x600 (SVGA) or higher

Compared each of those with my pc and then I said the following...

Ahaha, my PC passed all of them XDXD. Well, I expected the readme would sounds something like that aha! In fact, I predicted future game spec requirement b4 picking my battery-eco laptop so that it can 'at least make those famous games titles playable'. Ah that's not the point here. I was still hoping for the fps value.

I ran the game =)... Upon clicking the 'Press any key to start', I can hear the nostalgic evil-like pronounciation of "Resident Eviiiillll.. Fiiiiiveeeee!!!" Ahaha. Before this it was " Resident Eviiiil..... fouuuurrrr!!!" XDXD

And yeah! I love it, Capcom maintained the trend by putting an option to test PC performance, but this time there are 2 sub-option; variable and fixed. I think the variable option is more similar to DMC4's PC test, so I used that, so that I can compare. The result:

Another PS3 game is playable on my PC!!! Although with the minimum resolution, it manage to get the above 60 fps average with overall medium quality turned on. Yay!

Alas, now I have something to play during the holiday-to-come =).

  Last year, I managed to completely finish DMC4 and unlocked ALL the modes by myself without any cheat/trainer,(Yeah, including the Hell to Hell and 101 Lvl Bloody Palace, but sadly not as skillfull as those people on youtube =(... ) . However I'm not sure about this one... This one has the fear element. I hate the unpredictables monster!Last time with RE4, I cheated to get through all the stages so that I know enemy's location and stuff before playing it for the second time. That way I won't be shaking my hand playing, ahaha.

  About completely finishing the game; In DMC4, you just exchange/unlock a combos, then you can use it limited to your will. But RE4, sigh*... you can buy/unlock new weapon but the amount of ammo you have depends on how many you gathered,... and stronger weapon usually requires different and rarer ammo.

Whatever, let just see what RE5 has to offer. Maybe something new I'll be interested at? Ahaha.
Okayz, that's all this time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First experience w/ Win7

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Ah, the title can't be any more direct can it? XD

So on the last weekend, I finally received my Win7 upgrade kit sent by people from Dell, containing an instruction booklet, an Upgrade Assistance DVD and a Windows 7 OS installer DVD.

I was... very excited XD

However, I got some assignments to be done that night, so I don't dare to do the installation immediately. I ran the upgrade 2 days later.

Romaji: Windows 7 he no appugure-do.

Now to the process part.
Basically, I knew that that the Upgrade Assistance DVD won't help much, but I just run it... for the sake of completeness. So I insert the DVD, run the autoplay exe... It backed up some settings from my existing Dell applications, see which program that will not be compatible for the upgrade, remove any software temporarily.... etc etc.

*I could skip the Upgrade Assistance because I know which driver should be installed on my dell. If you can't recognize which one you should use among the many that are listed on your manufacturer's website, my advice, RUN the Upgrade Assistance. Yeah, w7 also has the drivers built in, but they are generic. Your devices won't perform at theirs top notch without the real driver.
...and the Upgrade Assistance DVD apparently (I think) created another partition (coz I see a new partition listed on my machine during OS installation) on your hard disk to store the back up files... since of course, they cant be written on the DVD.

After all the backups, I removed the Upgrade Assistance DVD, and insert the OS installer. I restarted, boot from DVD instead of HD... and walla...
If you have tried installing a vista on any machine, you will know that the interface is similar. I think MS will keep this interface as their trend starting from Vista.
Not much to show, so not much to say either... I finished the installation and introduced to the new GUI =)
Whoa I can't express how much I love the new taskbar.  Oh yes, I had to reinsert the Upgrade Assistance DVD back and it restores updated version of my previous drivers on vista.

That's it, everything's done in around... 3 hours.The only things left are... reinstalling all my applications =.=.... which takes 1 whole day if done continuously.

Like I said in Facebook, that night, I bid my farewell to Vista,
Sayounara =).
Buh bye!

This is how my desktop currently looks like =) It's not empty... only... simplified...
The taskbar has done all the jobs. Things look spacier. I thing I can live without clicking the Start Orb at all =)

I don't plan to customize it further for now =)
The little Dell Dock at the bottom is exceptional, because it is provided by Dell. =)

So in conclusion, despite my various hates toward those big companies, thank you for sending me the kit =)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Late for class

Friday, November 13, 2009
As the title said... today I had to rush to the my first class of the day. Ahaha... past 2 days were holidays, so I carried the 'oversleep' XD... not to mention I missed fajr as well -.-... wry... wry... dam wried

But one thing suddenly come across my mind...

Why in the world that... whenever I oversleep,... it has to be 15 minutes late???
Yea, the same thing happened before...... Its like... de ja vu in application every time.

Why can't I.... be waken up late say for example... ON the time the class start for ONCE???

But still, thankfully, I never yet so far missed any class due to oversleep =D... Perhaps this has something to do with Dualism as talked by Rene Descartes which says that mind and body are two different entities... and in my case... my mind was well enough to know my schedule even when I'm sleeping.... Ahaha... Ah well... I don't trust these guys that much just because their name appear in the book... but you know~ marks are marks...
Oh crap~

Then.... I also notice that.... ahaha.. as I previously noticed =D... that my alarm clock become more ineffective as I set multiple time set to wake me up....
I getting more dependent on a feeling of "I can turn this off for now and take a little short nap... and it won't be a problem since it'll sounds again."
... and the consequences... should be well known already =D...

The smell of food coming from kitchen is getting stronger... ahaha. My roomate seems to trying a new recipe I think..... OK... I'll leave this for now...

Matta ne~

[ps: money shortage~....]

Sunday, November 8, 2009

;< / quit >

Sunday, November 8, 2009
This is how we dig a grave without using any shovel...

But still... ahaha... with that, I'm officially back at Gameflier's PRONTERA server. Not SARA! No $$ for that one. Ahax! Tank service available upon request =D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Afterexam tea-time

Sunday, October 25, 2009
3 exams over... and 2 more to go....

So far... its pathetic...

I love to say that the exam questions are pathetic.... but I can't because they aren't...
Its me who is...

I hate it... but I can't help it now. It seems that I've got some marks need to be recovered in the future... luckily they ARE in the range of 'recoverable marks'.

I wonder what else is wrong... I've even sacrificed a few hobbies... my scheduling is also getting better...

.. and even thought of deleting my internet social networks accounts. (which I won't... for now)

Aniway, now I want to finish up my caffeine effect, so, here is something that doesn't worth reading.

(but there is a few pikchas of us after the exam below)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ready for midterm

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dakara, I'll be a bit busy for a while.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My U wifi

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
After a series of trial and error, finally it reached my inbox =D. Knowing how it works, now can manage my downloads.

and one lesson from this... don't seed too long =D.. or if you don't care much about other ppl, dont seed at all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Morning song of Casa Subang

Friday, September 25, 2009
LoL! I just remembered something while randomly playing mp3s from my computer.

Today's very short story is about my ex-roomate at Casa Subang, Zuhair! Yo! Wadcha doing? =D
Basically it's about his alarm clock. Well, it's a phone, so alarm phone sounds ok too.

I remember... it's still dark in the room. So quiet that even the whisper of wind can enter my dream. Our house is at the 21st floor, so it's not unlikely to happen =D
Sleeping is never better without being at your own bed, with your own pillow. Ahaha!

Very very suddenly.. the mouth of his SE phone will start singing this lil song by Yui- Life from Bleach.

then around 20 second passed... it stops. Ahaha! A relief for those who noticed. That is the first round. Continuation of dream is still possible =D

Then.. again, "Kowagari wa umare tsuki ...Hi no atari basho ni dete ...Ryoute wo hirogete mita nara
Ano sora koete yukeru ka na
" well, something like that, and the volume keep increasing! That's when I learnt the meaning of snooze =D. Ahaha

then it stops again... Not relieving coz I know it will sing again! Unfortunately, the song is quite catchy that I feel it's ok to sleep back. Hear it one more time won't hurt =D I'm a J-Pop fan afterall. So, went back kissing my pillow. Urgh! Can't continue dream. Already disconnected.

So, it repeats for a few time until 6am if we are lucky, 6.30am if we r not. Sometimes a living alarm clock will also appear to wake us up. Ahaha!! [Updated Sept 25]

So that's among the early months at Taylor's =D. After that, I get myself a software so that my PC can shout in the morning as well, yeah... the more the merrier.

So here it is! A tribute to Zuhair, presenting Life by Yui

To my other housemate =D Yoh! I'll put story about you guys at a later times okay? =D

[p/s: Happy Celebrating Eid Al-fitr. Wishing you guys all the best in your field]
[Update Oct 7: This has been the 3rd time I change the video coz of copyright problem. Now I can't find any PV of Yui - Life on youtube anymore, so I just use the normal ending video. Sry for that.]

Monday, September 14, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009
It's simply called 'limiters'.

I always have this so called limiters on.

It brought me here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was packing up my things when suddenly...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
This post is aided with a bunch of pictures. So, only 56k users are welcomed. Broadband users shoo!

Heh... personally, its so funny XD


A day has passed since my last final exam. So, today, surrounded by feeling of loneliness (coz almost all of my housemate are gone, enjoying themselves perhaps), I open my cupboard and think whether if I should start packing things early.

Ah! This is not a sad story btw =.=. It suppose to be funny, personally =D

"I wonder if I can bring all these into flight".

With that in mind, I separate all the pieces of papers, leaflets, boxes, envelopes, and those stuffs that I don't thing I should fit into my bag.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most Wonderful - Clannad After Story

Saturday, April 18, 2009
This post is only for short series anime fan. So, don't read if you are not qualified.


Almost wordless. But I feel like writing something.

While I'm very well know how I'm feeling right now, but I can't directly transfer it into words.
Too happy would be too overly simplified. Mentioning that it is also because of some sad feeling came along is not enough.

Too quote a few other fan
"a ton of cinematographic imitations that made even simple scenes very powerful."
"Something about that scene was so powerful."
"It was Pure Greatness."
"is full of crazy powers…. family power, friendship power, loli power…. XD"
"was so beautifully done. I loved this entire series."

.. ah maybe I better stop pasting =.=, it won't be called a few anymore otherwise.

I'll be frank, this all come from a series called C|annad ~After Story~.

I would say, after finishing the series, that witnessing the story is a very great blessing!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do you believe in Charms?(revised)

Saturday, April 4, 2009
What I mean by charm here is not an attribute as in "she is charming~". No
It is the charm which refers to words or ojects that is believed to have magic power.(Oxford)

On the other day, I read this one book and went into a scene where a character asking the other character this questions.
"Do you believe in charm?"

...and as expected he answered.
"No, that's ridiculous"

In fact, I've encountered many similar scene as above, in internet fictions, movies, and J-sources. Not necessaryly in the form of words though. Some appear in the form of Talisman. A common storyline will show something like this;
Before a hero goes into a life or death battle, the heroine will give him some sort of [object/words] to be hold, or to be kept as sign of good luck.
Then, in the battle, as the hero comes into the intense situation or in the verge of defeat, he is reminded of the [object/words] thoughtfully, have a deep insight on the heroine's trust on him, blablabla,
then he is back with more courage or in lame cases, new power to win the battle
This is what we call as plot device.

Now back to my 'craps'.
Erm, sincerely, I prefer to call this a message to my friends, but oh well

I do BELIEVE in charms in term of words. I have actually acknowledged its existence since the beginning of 2005, the year of PMR.

It is a charm that WORKS! You can spit it out anytime, anywhere, and you will see INSTANTANEOUS effect! You don't have to prepare any kind of ritual for it. Heh!

I'll present some of them in the form of common conversations in class. The Charm itself is highlighted in Red.


Case 1:
A: "B, can you help me with this question?" showing his Maths homework to B.
B: "Oh, no! Sorry. I may be good in other class, but please, not this one. I'm bad in solving equations"

or its variation...

A: "What is your mark for Bahasa Malaysia?"
B: "89"
A: "Power!!!"
B: "Nah, I'm not that good. I'm sux in [certain other subject]"


A: "Do you get what the teacher taught just now?"
B: "No!!!! Shit!! Those things are all confusing. I can't understand at all!!"


well.. there are many other similar charms. They are actually easy to be identified. Basically, they are sentences that conclude your uneasy situations.

Therefore... if you think you haven't play too much yet, or miss enough lessons in class, remember these Charms! Like I said, they works INSTANTANEOUSLY!
You'll see your mark drops in the next exam.

However, it can't be denied that there are other type of charms that can't go along with those mentioned above. I call them X-Charms.

These X-Charms could be embedded into above conversations as well. I'll highlight them in Green.


Case 1:
A: "B, can you help me with this question?" showing his Maths homework to B.
B: "Oh, no! Sorry. I may be good in other class, but please, not this one. I'm bad in solving equations. Let's try it first, if can't, we seek for advice."

or its variation...

A: "What is your mark for Bahasa Malaysia?"
B: "89"
A: "Power!!!"
B: "Nah, I'm not that good. I'm sux in [certain other subject]. But I won't let those subjects prevent me from graduating for sure."


A: "Do you get what the teacher taught just now?"
B: "No!!!! Shit!! Those things are all confusing. I can't understand at all!! Can you help me?"


These X-Charms, as oppose to the normal charms, brings the value of humbleness and curiosity of how to resolve the uneasy situation.

If you are not aware of these things in your talks, the effect of the normal charms might be reduced or worse, reversed!!!! Yes, there are also people who only practice the X charms. So please be aware.


[p/s1: Today, I suffered so much during the OSSLT test. Not because of my runny nose which also could be blamed in some way. It is because of this Kumikyoku xxxxx☆xxxx keep playing in my ears. OTL I ended up finishing my last sentence of my essay in the first negative 5 seconds. The invigilators on duty even pulled my pen to stop me. LUCKILY, I manage to write everything I wanted to. Ahaha! Dear Miss Invigilator, your attempt to stop me has failed =P]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mitsubishi Evo X

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Before I start to comment with regard to the situation, I would like to say that, I'm very impressed with the design of this car. *stare

First of all, obviously it is not mine. Secondly, this is not new thing. I'm the one who lagged behind I admit. It didn't even being shown in their feeds!!! Arrghh!!

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian police has bought 25 high-powered Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution cars to catch criminals and speed hogs.The cars, worth several millions of ringgit, would be fitted with safety gadgets and would sport the looks of police patrol cars.

Sources said the police had al­­ready taken possession and were testing the cars before sending them to the Road Transport Depart­ment for registration and approval.

“The cars are to be used in high-speed car chase, especially in cases of carjacking, kidnapping and hi­­jacking.

“The speed of the cars would enable the police to catch up with criminals who often used modified turbo charged cars to escape,” they said.

Several police personnel have been sent to undergo intensive driving classes to ensure they are able to handle the super charged cars, they added.

The cars, they said, would also be used by the highway patrol unit to monitor speed hogs or illegal racers.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan confirmed the purchase but declined to elaborate.

Source- the

As a son of someone who keep the roads a safe place, this is what I THINK. I'll say them in a simple way.

Generally it is GOOD!

It in a way elevates the image of local police toward the citizens.

Just like the article, I agree that it matches our police operational conducts with current tactics of road criminals.

For me, it is like another sign of how our police are turning from supression to oppression toward the criminals. (Provided that they fully utilise the cars). Well, for this one, sadly those police are likely to be challenged by criminals as well since we are starting to have drifter on the streets.

I don't know if it would be a disgrace toward local car manufacturers as claimed by certain people or not. It should be noted that they don't manufacture sport cars in the first place. So, there shouldn't be any case like that. Like my teacher once said, "be humble". It is better not to think so highly to ourselves until not accepting what others might have to offer.

I won't say something like "the old folks aren't suited for those things", of course. Like the PPSMI students, there are new generations being raised in the security forces as well. I'm looking forward into that. Hei! I'm being optimistic here!

BUT then,

It is TOTALLY a matter of how those cars are used. Nothing much about money. (Maybe for the government, it is similar to how I feel when buying 25 piece of Ferrero Rochers, I dont know XD)

Which makes me to some degree similar to other critics,... I would like to see how number of criminals can be decreased with those purchase.

[P/s1: A bit unrelated, but have u ever heard of... ransomware? It's cool!]
[P/s2: Eat HOUR!!! Eh typo. Earth HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 28 MARCH!!!]

Sign up for Earth Hour! - PARTICIPATING: Shahronizam Ghazali

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Digital Broadcast

Sunday, March 8, 2009
I'll start with this quote from The Star Online dated today

"KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will have to buy a special decoder to access free digital TV by 2015 as all Asean countries will stop analog broadcasting by then, says Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery"

And I'll end it with another quote from the same page

"More to come"

(p/s: 'Special' decoder? Does that suppose to mean... it is super expensive? super quality? super encrypted? or merely to differentiate it from Astro decoder - -)
(p/s: Just watched Clannad After Story ep 16... Nagisa dont die...sobs)
(p/s: IELTS next week! Yay!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Malaysian's earth

Sunday, March 1, 2009
If you don't want to hear my crap version of it, go here;

Sign up for Earth Hour! - PARTICIPATING: Shahronizam Ghazali

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

Here goes. Simple and comprehensible enough... I hope.

On 28 March 2009, Saturday... to be more exact, at 8.30pm Malaysia time,
Malaysian are encouraged to turn off their light, for one just one hour!

At the same time, the whole world will be doing the same thing.

Why again?
It is the Earth Hour!

What does it mean?
It is an awareness program to replicate a global ELECTION!
You will be voting either Mr. Global Warming or Mr. Earth!
By turning them all your lights off, you'll be voting for the earth! Yeah!
By letting it be on, you'll be voting for global warming! Booo!

"WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard."

I'll be supporting this event. You all as well!!!! Let's vote for the best!
Kyoto Protocol, its not a kid matters.

(p/s: I wish to see KLCC darkened =D)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Saturday, January 17, 2009
I certainly heard about a statistic saying that average Malaysian reads 1 book every year.
I'm not sure when, but the time I heard that, a form of 'resist' developed inside me which asking me to prove that to be wrong.

That sure would happen to anyone, doesn't it?
But then, I don't like the idea of reading just to prove some lame statistics to be wrong. LoL.

Prologue ends =D

It is Saturday! This morning, I had a very nice long sleep for the week. Who don't like sleeping? Tell me.
I woke up finding that my housemate seems so... restless? That's a good adjective. Ahahaha! I knew it would become like this, so I hurried to tidy up my room n go to bath.
I spend a couple of minutes later to hear a story of how 6 hours of a day are spent easily.

"Take it easy! Is that worth telling?"

It is actually the night before when my mentioned housemate suggested KLCC to find our books for our English class. Yes, the '6 hours story' is in fact refering to the time my mentioned housemate waited for me.
After we had our 'breakfast', we set our steps to KLCC and this of course by travelling through a series of bus, KTM, and LRT.
About the English class, our teachers has assigned us to find a novels to be criticiced on. Ahaha! I love criticicing! That's what I've been doing all along these years! Critics n critics.

KLCC meanwhile is our final destination since all branches of Popular and MPH bookstore no longer have the books we wanted. I never thought of how nice it is the bookstore at KLCC, but I do regret not knowing it earlier.
Once we arrived at KLCC, we head to the bookstore, led by the same 'outsider' during my birthday mini-party. =D

The place is... Kinokuniya Bookstore. If I jump to conclusion, I would say, "I would like to work there as part-time job right away", but not yet. Oh I just did? lol nvm.

It sounds like a japanese bookstore to me. One thing for certain, there is no Malay material in there... at all! There are 2 ATM-like machine to search books, and it gives out a map to locate the book within the bookstore, just like how ATM machine gives out receipt.
Among the books available are... English, Japanese, Chinese.. and one more language which I can't read = =. Korean perhaps?

HOw should I say... there have no other nicer bookstore I've been before. I can name any novel that I remember in my head, and they appeared, most of the times at least.
Well, I did wonder whether it is becoz they hav no one to buy them XD. But that doesn't seems to be the case.

So, I chose the book that I've wanted so long. Memoir of a Geisha. It's a COOL story abt a profession called Geisha in past time Japan. Almost Cinderella-like, except more dramatic.
Well, that's what I've been told =D.
It has sooo many pages which is soo NICE! I can spend long time to read it. Too bad my English assignment is due a few weeks later = =.

Each of us got our own books it seems. Before we go back, I took note of some Japanese lesson book... hehe. Dont't wanna stop at just the LVl 4 Japanese Proficiency.

[ps: laptop = book. Yes!]
[ps2: To my colleque, I havent seen Memoir of Geisha movie yet. So its fair! I chose it after researching through summary of the novels]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top of my desk

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
As soon as I reached my room, I looked around to find my roommate already arrived. That's not the point anyway.
I suddenly felt what I called this 'MoonXcube-aura'. Ahaha. Well, it simply means I have the urge to tidy up my room.
Urm.. that's a few days ago. I ended up not doing anything coz I had to go out to buy necessities.

It's not really a significant matter, but I think I should include it to give the atmosphere of the surrounding.
So, today I had the free time to do it =D. I think I should also mention that my so-called 'moonXcube-aura' is actually refering to arranging the whole room.
However since part of the room belongs to my roommate, so the urge is limited to my desk = =.
I would also call this post as "Chronicle of my Desk", but you know, it's lame. Ahaha.

This is when the fun begins.

Last semester... I don't think I used my desk that much. I often found in the living room with my laptop reaching for wi-fi signal.
Our wifi signal is pretty bad, not to mention that it always broke. Piff. Back to the topic. My desk was always filled with piles of textbooks n mangas.
I didn't even use the book shelf provided, coz I think it is annoying process to reach it everytime I need to use some books,... too high.

So, since I won't be needing to move my laptop that often anymore, I guess putting it on that desk would be good.
BUt then the books... I guess I should assume that I've grown a bit taller this year to reach the shelf easily =D.

So, I removed all the books n Files n put them up on the shelf, then placed my lappy on the desk.
One problem rose... no place to do my revision. I don't think it is a good idea to place my books on the laptop itself...
In my mooncube, I could easily pull the keyboard platform to put my books on it.

Found the solution, but it require a painful sacrifice of other aspect though. I did suffered from the sight for a few days, but I'm used to it now, ahhaha.
Else, it would give me a lot of benefit. Among the one I should mention is...

*no light reflection from the window.
*space for putting my books for revision/hw.

*I can see the reflection of people coming into my room through my LCD screen.[a few people busted =D]
*My head probably will block my lappy screen if anyone try to sneek from outside.

*My lappy gets the full blow from the fan when I don't need it =D

*My portable speaker can be placed right in front of me which serve its stereo purpose =D.
*My lappy USB ports are at the left side, so no wall obstacle.

So, that's my final configuration =D. I loves it. The benefits defeat the symmetryness I need =D.

(ps: this post actually has 1 other significant meaning... lol)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

another 'Happy' Post [cont]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
I spent the day just like normal days. It actualy could have been merrier if I went somewhere 'cool' to enjoy myself but I can't. School starts tomorrow. So, I just hinted my housemate + 1 outsider(who unintentionally [probably]) stops at my house to refrain from having dinner.

Well yea, expectedly, most of them understand well the meaning of my 'refrain'. So, I didn't bother them much after that hopefully they forgotten. XDXD. I wondered to my room, looking for something that doesn't exist, then turned my laptop on to check my OUAC, and let it defrag itself while setting my WlM status as Away.

I went to Damai via Putra LRT to meet my cousin, Abg Ajib who was willing to fetch me to Menara TM. This could be the first unique birthday in my life, being at one of my idol business company. Seriously! I love the inner wall of the Celcom Service Centre! It's just so... mooncubic inspiring. COOL! Blue! Kichiri Kachiri! Ironically,... my purpose was actually to terminate my celcom postpaid account. Haha.

After lunch, which was a treat by my cousing (thx! GARRRRField), I went to The Summit for a while to shoot some zombies at the arcade, had a few pwnage of ice-cream and before I realized it, the sun has set.


*ding dong!

I'm back... ah!... Apparently they had an amazingly good memory. LoL. Including the 1 outsider. Yea lol.
So, I headed back to my room, turned off my laptop, then together we went to Mydin's KFC.

Actually I don't really care about celebrating my birthday. I'm not pretty sure what do they mean by "celebrate" but I remember telling my parents a few years back to don't bother getting a cake watsoever. Well, of course, after being accustomed to cake, I did felt a lil suffer from mental hunger for the next few years birthday... thx to my so called 'brave' act = =. Anyway, I do mean it, I don't care much.

Except one thing,

I really do appreciate people who take note. It is quite a biassed statement, I'm sorry, but I can't help expressing it. I don't think I'll ever forget you people. I might not have said this to each one of you, THANK YOU!

[ps: I can have a lot of LED and Bulbs to turn off... rather than blowing candles. What so superstitiuos about that anyway?)

another 'Happy' Post =D

Happy Birthday =D

[to be continued]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Firework(s) in front of my house...

Happy New Year... 2009 to be specific.

My zero-eight resolution... i realized that it can't be accomplished within that year... Roflcopter

My zero-nine resolution... continuation of my previous year resolution.

Go to Canada =D...

Insyaallah Amin...

(p/s: At first I thought of having 'completing my next diary' as resolution... but oh well... nvm.. i need training first. Previous attempt seems successful in the beginning.. but after I went to Taylor... muahaha... The 'half-life' of my willpower seems too significant to be handled = =)
(p/s2: So I bought new diary!! =D)

Kichiri Kachiri
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