Saturday, July 19, 2008

I need GSP!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Well, now i have a lil prob doing my assignments. I actually can do it, but I cant put all my knowledge into it. I'm lacking of the 'medium'. For now, that particular medium is... the GSP.

If I want, I can easily get any pirated copies over the internet.... but you know... when we are talking about education, it cant be dealt that way. That is just WRONG. It's wrong because it is illegal. So, to make it legal, I need an original copies. However, since I cant afford the price of a GSP,
I need a sponsored version... and my previous school has it...

And somemore, I think I need to contact my +math teacher to guide on me using the GSP. What i'm needing right now is the tutorial on making a sketch of a function graph with the a,b, and c sliders. What kind of function? Its the forth polynomial series!!! Not the Linear(x), Quadratic(x^2), or Cubic(x^3), but the Quartic(x^4)!!!! Ow man... I don't want to screw anything up. I feel like wanna call the school right now, but today is Saturday... precisely, 1.53am Saturday. ROFLOL!

Ah! I've tried a few Java applet from the internet... but simply said... they are not that good. GSP could be much much better (provided that you know how to use it =_="). However, if by chance, anyone of you who is reading this now, (YES! YOU!) if you happen to know any good site that has applets for mathematic, drop me an email/PM/message/comment/friendster comment.

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