Sunday, February 3, 2008

Driving License for MYan

Sunday, February 3, 2008
Yosh... Its been a few weeks now since I started picking up the driving lesson.
Actually, I was quite blur during the first week on the procedure of getting license. After I went through all that stuff... it seems clearer for me.
Well, first of all, I just know that, different driving institute charge differently for ur lessons...
As my friend just had to pay RM800 for both car(D) and motorcycle(B) license at his place of training, I had to pay something like rm1.5k for the same stuff. Sigh.... it almost double the amount... But I hope there is something worth in it...
At the place I do my training, the procedure for having car driving license is something like this.

Upon registering at the Driving Institute, you will be given a 500 Questions and Answers book which covers up all(I think) possible 500 questions that may be asked during the tabletest.
First of all, you need to have a 5-hour of KPP Course (Kurikulum Pendidikan memandu) which during the talk, you will be briefed on traffic rules, drivers responsibilities, etc, etc, and some information on the tabletest coming up. You will also be given a KPP textbook. A JPJL2A certificate is given.
Perhaps this is not common, but my Driving Institute let me have a pre-test of the tabletest. This is because they dont want any of their student to fail the tabletest.
Then, its the tabletest (Bahagian 1). Well, before I continue, maybe I should mention that the tabletest is actually done using a computer. You will be given a set of randomly picked question (from the 500 i guess), and you will have to answer it in a certain amount of time. This test consist of 3 part, colourblind test, roadsigns(highway code), and the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan things. I was told that, If you get wrong one question of the colourblind part, you will fail the test. You will get your result immediately after the test =D. Mark to pass is at least 42/50.
Then you will have to undergo for another 6-hour course, which is recently divided into 2x 3 hours. The first 3 hours is just theory on ur vehicle, and the second 3 hours is the briefing of the practical test, which will be aided by your instructor. Your 'L' license will be processed after getting JPJL2B certificate from this course.
Then... you will train for the practical test on the circuit(Bahagian 2) and on the road driving(Bahagian 3). For me it takes one month =D. A lot of funny things happen during this times. Until now, Manual Transmissioned cars are used for training purpose. (I don't know how about other countries).
Lastly, the practical test(Bahagian 2 & Bahagian 3) where you will be assessed by the people from JPJ. They will assess you on how well you can handle your vehicle. Some mark may be deducted for carelessness. Thats all. By passing the this test, You will be able to get ur 'P' license and hold it for 2 years before applying for competent driver license.
That sums it all... I hope this will make it clear for newb^^.
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