Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Today I was a bit astonished by one of my lecturer's statement that he do not drink coffee.
He said that coffee is like drugs.

Well, in fact. it is. Although I am aware of this, but he gave me an idea oh how bad coffee is... LoL... which ironically, after I decided to start my everyday life in college with a coffee.

Hmm, for me, it is a new benchmark on how do other people think about drinking coffee.
I consume it because I need to stay concentrate in class after hours of 'stay-ups' at night.

Well, after hearing that from the lecturer, I think...

I need to find a way to concentrate in class without having any caffeine product(coke included).

To do that, basically, I need to prolong my sleep hours.

To prolong my sleep hours means, I need to finish my work early.

To finish my work early means I need to start them early, logic right?

And to start them early... here comes the problem. ROFL.

For those who know me, wish me luck on overcoming the problem =D

That's one thing.

Then, today we attended to a talk of 'Studying in Canada' for all ICPU students especially the Mara/JPA scholars.

That's the second.

This one is the best part =D I was told by my friend that we can claim the monthly allowance already. (for sponsored students only) It is in the form of a cheque. Well, if i heard it correctly, the amount seems to be covering the 2 months allowance, the college admission fee, and maybe still enough to cover all the pre-u books that I've bought. In short... It's A LOT!!. But since it is mostly covering what we have paid earlier, it won't make us any wealthier =D

That's the third, and the last. Okayz. Oyasuminasai.

(p/s: 'Wealthier, is that word correct? Lol)

2 responses:

Nizam said...

It's wealthier... Photoshopping is 100% correct...lol!!!

nourelain said...

im an addict; cant concentrate in class without a cup of nescafe..
no, im not gonna stop drinkin coffee.. ever.

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