Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday, December 5, 2008

Out of nowhere, my interest has been very deep into the PSP3000 lately, ほんとうに.
It's time for getting access to black market. After all, my first semester has finished =D.
Yes, I'm aware that the third PSP is not flexible enough to run homebrew softwares =D.
For me... that's good... for 2 reasons.
1) LESS supporting warez product. I still can't utterly get away from it, lolz. I'm not super duper rich you know, ほんとうに.
2) LESS games to be entertained =D. I wont be much bothered to play my previous GBA/PS1 games on it. Haha... ほんとうに.

Proloque end-

I've done my best for the final exam (in which the last one was held yesterday). I hope every effort that I made worth my time =D... eh?? or is it "time I spent worth my effort"? ARGGH... nvm. There is still one thing though... that keep me unhappy.


Four days ago, I learned a new thing about Streamyx. They has a fair-usage policy in which the connection of the people who download torrents are capped. This is true. I confirmed it myself! In fact, I have realized it earlier! Muahaha! Check out this site!

According to an article created by a frustrated Malaysian (because of his internet service, I believe), he said that Streamyx caps the torrent connection down to 10kBps. Personally, I think the capping is variable rather than fixed at 10kBps. Aha. Coz last time I download a fresh torrent, the speed was at 20++kps average. I'm just using 512kbps Streamyx package, so my experiment has flaw =D. But it could be true.

I'm not sure whether Streamyx just limit the torrent download speed or the whole IP connection, but I believe it is the latter.


In the past few hours, I went to The Summit for dinner. Eventually, I came across a magic shop. To make long story short, I bought a 'magic power' for RM30. Muahaha... ほんとうに.


In the next few hours, I'm going to Low Yatt (again!) to check out some new stuff. A few things that I want to look at are... my laptop battery, some compact cameras, PSP, as well as some handphones. Just window-shopping, haha. No money actually... ほんとうに.


(p/s: [regarding the picture] How should I say this... Clannad + PSP = heavenly hell cool! ほんとうに! Did the photographer predicted that I'm going to visit his site? lol)

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Muhammad Aiman bin Azlan said...

fuh...very good. i read it n i don't understand a thing! (must be very advance).

i dun speak "gadgets" language...but u do! very good...nizam, the inspector gadget.

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