Sunday, June 8, 2008

Introduction to Userbars

Sunday, June 8, 2008
After so many years being involved in internet activity, starting yesterday I realized one type of picture that people usually put as signature in forums. The thing that made their existence being noticed by me is because all of them have the same dimensions that is 350 x 20. Most of these pictures have words such as 'PS2 owner", "Wii Owner", "Crysis Player", "M.U. Fan", and etc etc. For me to discover such thing this late... oww... I guess I myself has to be blamed for not being active in any forum. Ahaha.

Well then... I might as well celebrate my discovery here.
So, after a few visit to various site such as and, I finally learned that they are called as Userbars. (I'm a newb in this stuff, bear with me =D)

Google has proven itself being very useful again. I found a few sites that offer Userbar search. One of them is the one claimed as the first and the original Userbar site

Okays. That ends the talk. I've put my userbars image on my friendster profile. They r soooooo colourful. Here's the link.

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