Friday, October 17, 2008


Friday, October 17, 2008



Get the message?

I have a lot of thing that I believe.
Some are abstract, and some are specific with proof.
Some are fun, and some are not.

But, there are things that make you feel great to know them.
However, you do not believe in them.
Isn't it great to just believe it then?

If there is fun in believing, then believe it.

And it is okay because after that, it rests on the word FUN.

If it is fun to NOT BELIEVE what you have believed so far, then it is fine.

(p/s: A bit from Haruhism =D. But still, my physics understanding is more solid I believe. =D)

4 responses:

Nazrikawi said...

"Kata percaya tapi tidak percaya"
sounds familiar?


u are not Haruhi. please. wtfish.

still slower than najwa but faster than Lin!!!!

Shahro said...

Yeap2, very2 familiar =D

Actually, it is related to an event in the novel.

So, it is not about I am Haruhi. Of course I'm not =D Who cares about her =D It is what she said is important! =D

Asuka Kumiko said...

which haruhi? from ouran high?

Shahro said...

Nope... it is from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi...

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