Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My greenscreen T_T I miss them...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lately I feel a bit empty without doing some heavy photoshopping. (ROFL, is that a correct word?).

First... I did not bring my camera... so, i'm not able to take any good quality picture...

Secondly... No greenscreen...
Well, I did brought my blue school bed sheet from my previous school(haha!) just in case.. but then, i realized that there is another thing missing,

that is the third... lighting... the round pendaflour is just not enough =D. Flash from the camera alone would create a terrifying shadow of darkness which could leap into another dimension of space where time flows like the behaviour of the sea wave instead of a steady river. Nah

Sincerely, I want to get into the Computer Science course... but I didn't have the chance. Sob. And then... there seems to be no computer club here... But they do have Anime Club.. which unfortunately I'm trying to diverge myself away from... ermm... unless someone can prove me that it is worth entering =D.
(Ah, Haruhi is different story, it was based on visual novel)

Back to the topic...

Living in here actually gave me a lot of idea how to deal with photoshop, but I just dont have the time. So swt.

Oh ya! I forgot to mentioned that, I bought a laptop cushion and a laptop bag during the PC Fair =D. Just bought cheap one ler. As long as my laptop can withstand the resonance of my body. (another lol).

And then what else? Er....
Oh ya... just arounf 70 minutes earlier, I just passed up my English 1000 words essay via email to the lecturer. It is not really that significant, but I feel like telling it.

Mood for today? Bored coz too tired. Perhaps it is because of the drawback from consuming 'da*n-a-lot' of caffeine this morning. Plus finishing class at 6.


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Nazrikawi said...

Hi Nizam...Miss ur green screen eh??actually i cannot sleep...lol..so just make a new one...and plz leave comment on my posts...really appreciate it!

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