Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mitsubishi Evo X

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Before I start to comment with regard to the situation, I would like to say that, I'm very impressed with the design of this car. *stare

First of all, obviously it is not mine. Secondly, this is not new thing. I'm the one who lagged behind I admit. It didn't even being shown in their feeds!!! Arrghh!!

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian police has bought 25 high-powered Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution cars to catch criminals and speed hogs.The cars, worth several millions of ringgit, would be fitted with safety gadgets and would sport the looks of police patrol cars.

Sources said the police had al­­ready taken possession and were testing the cars before sending them to the Road Transport Depart­ment for registration and approval.

“The cars are to be used in high-speed car chase, especially in cases of carjacking, kidnapping and hi­­jacking.

“The speed of the cars would enable the police to catch up with criminals who often used modified turbo charged cars to escape,” they said.

Several police personnel have been sent to undergo intensive driving classes to ensure they are able to handle the super charged cars, they added.

The cars, they said, would also be used by the highway patrol unit to monitor speed hogs or illegal racers.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan confirmed the purchase but declined to elaborate.

Source- the

As a son of someone who keep the roads a safe place, this is what I THINK. I'll say them in a simple way.

Generally it is GOOD!

It in a way elevates the image of local police toward the citizens.

Just like the article, I agree that it matches our police operational conducts with current tactics of road criminals.

For me, it is like another sign of how our police are turning from supression to oppression toward the criminals. (Provided that they fully utilise the cars). Well, for this one, sadly those police are likely to be challenged by criminals as well since we are starting to have drifter on the streets.

I don't know if it would be a disgrace toward local car manufacturers as claimed by certain people or not. It should be noted that they don't manufacture sport cars in the first place. So, there shouldn't be any case like that. Like my teacher once said, "be humble". It is better not to think so highly to ourselves until not accepting what others might have to offer.

I won't say something like "the old folks aren't suited for those things", of course. Like the PPSMI students, there are new generations being raised in the security forces as well. I'm looking forward into that. Hei! I'm being optimistic here!

BUT then,

It is TOTALLY a matter of how those cars are used. Nothing much about money. (Maybe for the government, it is similar to how I feel when buying 25 piece of Ferrero Rochers, I dont know XD)

Which makes me to some degree similar to other critics,... I would like to see how number of criminals can be decreased with those purchase.

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Allikin Skywalker said...

now the crimanals will watch off and think twice or trice if they saw these new police car...go Police Go

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