Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top of my desk

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
As soon as I reached my room, I looked around to find my roommate already arrived. That's not the point anyway.
I suddenly felt what I called this 'MoonXcube-aura'. Ahaha. Well, it simply means I have the urge to tidy up my room.
Urm.. that's a few days ago. I ended up not doing anything coz I had to go out to buy necessities.

It's not really a significant matter, but I think I should include it to give the atmosphere of the surrounding.
So, today I had the free time to do it =D. I think I should also mention that my so-called 'moonXcube-aura' is actually refering to arranging the whole room.
However since part of the room belongs to my roommate, so the urge is limited to my desk = =.
I would also call this post as "Chronicle of my Desk", but you know, it's lame. Ahaha.

This is when the fun begins.

Last semester... I don't think I used my desk that much. I often found in the living room with my laptop reaching for wi-fi signal.
Our wifi signal is pretty bad, not to mention that it always broke. Piff. Back to the topic. My desk was always filled with piles of textbooks n mangas.
I didn't even use the book shelf provided, coz I think it is annoying process to reach it everytime I need to use some books,... too high.

So, since I won't be needing to move my laptop that often anymore, I guess putting it on that desk would be good.
BUt then the books... I guess I should assume that I've grown a bit taller this year to reach the shelf easily =D.

So, I removed all the books n Files n put them up on the shelf, then placed my lappy on the desk.
One problem rose... no place to do my revision. I don't think it is a good idea to place my books on the laptop itself...
In my mooncube, I could easily pull the keyboard platform to put my books on it.

Found the solution, but it require a painful sacrifice of other aspect though. I did suffered from the sight for a few days, but I'm used to it now, ahhaha.
Else, it would give me a lot of benefit. Among the one I should mention is...

*no light reflection from the window.
*space for putting my books for revision/hw.

*I can see the reflection of people coming into my room through my LCD screen.[a few people busted =D]
*My head probably will block my lappy screen if anyone try to sneek from outside.

*My lappy gets the full blow from the fan when I don't need it =D

*My portable speaker can be placed right in front of me which serve its stereo purpose =D.
*My lappy USB ports are at the left side, so no wall obstacle.

So, that's my final configuration =D. I loves it. The benefits defeat the symmetryness I need =D.

(ps: this post actually has 1 other significant meaning... lol)

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