Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First experience w/ Win7

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Ah, the title can't be any more direct can it? XD

So on the last weekend, I finally received my Win7 upgrade kit sent by people from Dell, containing an instruction booklet, an Upgrade Assistance DVD and a Windows 7 OS installer DVD.

I was... very excited XD

However, I got some assignments to be done that night, so I don't dare to do the installation immediately. I ran the upgrade 2 days later.

Romaji: Windows 7 he no appugure-do.

Now to the process part.
Basically, I knew that that the Upgrade Assistance DVD won't help much, but I just run it... for the sake of completeness. So I insert the DVD, run the autoplay exe... It backed up some settings from my existing Dell applications, see which program that will not be compatible for the upgrade, remove any software temporarily.... etc etc.

*I could skip the Upgrade Assistance because I know which driver should be installed on my dell. If you can't recognize which one you should use among the many that are listed on your manufacturer's website, my advice, RUN the Upgrade Assistance. Yeah, w7 also has the drivers built in, but they are generic. Your devices won't perform at theirs top notch without the real driver.
...and the Upgrade Assistance DVD apparently (I think) created another partition (coz I see a new partition listed on my machine during OS installation) on your hard disk to store the back up files... since of course, they cant be written on the DVD.

After all the backups, I removed the Upgrade Assistance DVD, and insert the OS installer. I restarted, boot from DVD instead of HD... and walla...
If you have tried installing a vista on any machine, you will know that the interface is similar. I think MS will keep this interface as their trend starting from Vista.
Not much to show, so not much to say either... I finished the installation and introduced to the new GUI =)
Whoa I can't express how much I love the new taskbar.  Oh yes, I had to reinsert the Upgrade Assistance DVD back and it restores updated version of my previous drivers on vista.

That's it, everything's done in around... 3 hours.The only things left are... reinstalling all my applications =.=.... which takes 1 whole day if done continuously.

Like I said in Facebook, that night, I bid my farewell to Vista,
Sayounara =).
Buh bye!

This is how my desktop currently looks like =) It's not empty... only... simplified...
The taskbar has done all the jobs. Things look spacier. I thing I can live without clicking the Start Orb at all =)

I don't plan to customize it further for now =)
The little Dell Dock at the bottom is exceptional, because it is provided by Dell. =)

So in conclusion, despite my various hates toward those big companies, thank you for sending me the kit =)

7 responses:

Nizam said...

I don't believe in Nizam anymore.

Wait. Why japanese?

S h a h r o said...

If you are referring to the instruction manual picture, it is just a multi-language manual.

Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Wow.. Nice desktop... :P Really love the Win 7's wallpaper... where did u get it? Anyway, how long did it takes u to total upgrade like from backing up files to completely restoring all of ur files again? Mine is just literally less than one day (if i don't go to sleep during the process... way faster...) btw, good to know about ur new OS! :P

S h a h r o said...

Most of my mp3s/videos/files/installers are in my external hard disk already.
Only some documents used for assignments/school work are kept in internal hard disk. So it doesn't take much time to backup and restore them.

Generally, it was done in a day too.

Good wallpapers all come from deviantart =D.

Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Ooo.... good to know... hrmmm... deviantart ea... can u give me some links perhaps? coz deviantart has too many wallpapers that idk which one is great for mine... :P

S h a h r o said...

i forgot...
I search based on keyword. I forgot which one i used.

Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Oy... nvrmd... thx anyway. :)

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