Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most Wonderful - Clannad After Story

Saturday, April 18, 2009
This post is only for short series anime fan. So, don't read if you are not qualified.


Almost wordless. But I feel like writing something.

While I'm very well know how I'm feeling right now, but I can't directly transfer it into words.
Too happy would be too overly simplified. Mentioning that it is also because of some sad feeling came along is not enough.

Too quote a few other fan
"a ton of cinematographic imitations that made even simple scenes very powerful."
"Something about that scene was so powerful."
"It was Pure Greatness."
"is full of crazy powers…. family power, friendship power, loli power…. XD"
"was so beautifully done. I loved this entire series."

.. ah maybe I better stop pasting =.=, it won't be called a few anymore otherwise.

I'll be frank, this all come from a series called C|annad ~After Story~.

I would say, after finishing the series, that witnessing the story is a very great blessing!!

I don't want to describe, since I scare wrong choice of words would give different impression of it. A few things for sure, the series pulls you more toward the meaning of friendship and family. It is a bit too much of fiction but if you watched Kanon 2006 or Air TV, you should know what I mean =D. But Clannad is definitely the best, "Saigo Made!"

My 2 years of collecting the series worth it! Yay! My emotions are telling me to buy the DVDs right away. ARGH! I want the gifts!!!

With this, I would also declare that, my personal Top 3 All Time Best Short Series Anime is updated again as follow;

1. Clannad
2. TMoSH
3. L☆S which the only change made is the first and the second switched position compared to the previous one =.=.

Now then, what should I use for Windows Live Messenger scene? Hmmmmm

[p/s1: U may notice my censoring in past posts as well. This is to reduce the chance for them to be found via search engines.]

2 responses:

nazunazu said...

ahaha~ why be secretive? clxnnxd xftxr stxry? shxngrx-lx bila gik?

S h a h r o said...

shxngrx-lx is still under my trial period.

If it is proven worth to watch, then i'll consider that one as well.

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