Tuesday, January 6, 2009

another 'Happy' Post [cont]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
I spent the day just like normal days. It actualy could have been merrier if I went somewhere 'cool' to enjoy myself but I can't. School starts tomorrow. So, I just hinted my housemate + 1 outsider(who unintentionally [probably]) stops at my house to refrain from having dinner.

Well yea, expectedly, most of them understand well the meaning of my 'refrain'. So, I didn't bother them much after that hopefully they forgotten. XDXD. I wondered to my room, looking for something that doesn't exist, then turned my laptop on to check my OUAC, and let it defrag itself while setting my WlM status as Away.

I went to Damai via Putra LRT to meet my cousin, Abg Ajib who was willing to fetch me to Menara TM. This could be the first unique birthday in my life, being at one of my idol business company. Seriously! I love the inner wall of the Celcom Service Centre! It's just so... mooncubic inspiring. COOL! Blue! Kichiri Kachiri! Ironically,... my purpose was actually to terminate my celcom postpaid account. Haha.

After lunch, which was a treat by my cousing (thx! GARRRRField), I went to The Summit for a while to shoot some zombies at the arcade, had a few pwnage of ice-cream and before I realized it, the sun has set.


*ding dong!

I'm back... ah!... Apparently they had an amazingly good memory. LoL. Including the 1 outsider. Yea lol.
So, I headed back to my room, turned off my laptop, then together we went to Mydin's KFC.

Actually I don't really care about celebrating my birthday. I'm not pretty sure what do they mean by "celebrate" but I remember telling my parents a few years back to don't bother getting a cake watsoever. Well, of course, after being accustomed to cake, I did felt a lil suffer from mental hunger for the next few years birthday... thx to my so called 'brave' act = =. Anyway, I do mean it, I don't care much.

Except one thing,

I really do appreciate people who take note. It is quite a biassed statement, I'm sorry, but I can't help expressing it. I don't think I'll ever forget you people. I might not have said this to each one of you, THANK YOU!

[ps: I can have a lot of LED and Bulbs to turn off... rather than blowing candles. What so superstitiuos about that anyway?)

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