Friday, December 18, 2009

First semester ended... Choices?

Friday, December 18, 2009
Alhamdulillah, yokattane~

The final exam was really spicy. Delicious and spicy. XD

Just now I checked up icputoday, glad to find many kinds of reaction from former ICPU student regarding their choice and experience before coming to Canada. I still feel something's missing though, I would be happy to hear some news from those xICPU who stay at Malaysia, about how they are doing.

I've certainly gone through all those choices that people had to make. In summary for what will be written below, I think the hardest choice I had to make was after SPM.

Reflecting back, it was quite a journey I've had. Starting from pre-school at St. Franchis kindergarden, to SK St. Stephen Bau primary school, then to SM Sains Kuching secondary school, then to Taylor's College, and here I am, at the very next stage at University of Alberta studying Engineering.

I remember, after SPM was the real critical moment where I had to acknowledge all my available options to the future, the "should I go here, or there, or there?" kinds of thing. I had a big dream which was... urm nah, I don't want to tell. But one way to achieve at least part of my dream is to be an engineer, no not really. Any professional job would do. Doctor, lawyer etc. I wanted to be doctor actually, but for the idea of being a 'doctor' I had those day made me feel like they are less likely to be free in the future. I remember one time when my cousin told me that no one among us cousins are going for a doctor profession, and with me going for engineer, what he said are definitely true. Ahaha, so sorry, warukattane~.

Form 2 or Form 3, I'm not quite sure but around those, was the time when I decided that I should choose MECHANICAL engineer. Ahaha! There is this little person who came to my school to give some talk about job. While I was thinking that it was just another useless program organized by the school, I'm glad that I actually pay attention to his speech. So, I took a while to get some information about being an engineer and yes! It will do. Engineering as stepping stone... is my plan. =)

Back to the story, so I knew I should go into engineering, but which one should I choose? I said to myself. There was one time after SPM when I gave up looking for right choice. That is the sort of low-will-powered guy I was. XD So I just pretend I don't know anything and sit at home playing games like an idiot. But then there is this one guy, whom my father is working under, talked to me one time. I forget what the he said XD, but I remember the feeling. Do you ever feel being at lost and someone goes to you(in contrast to you search for them) and say, "that way". It was certainly cheating in one kind of perspective, but somehow I was deeply motivated. I'm so grateful for that, alhamdulillah. Ahah!, there I goes, picked MARA.

Picking universities was lesser much of deal I should say. Because among all those choices that I have, whichever I pick, I certainly know the right junctions afterward. Why UofA?

なんで だろ。。。 ^^

There are reasons but not related to this post, haha.

Whatever they are, I'm very grateful to live a wonderful life. Alhamdulillah.
Looking forward to 5 years ahead.

3 responses:

i1 said...

moga anda sentiasa berjaya...

tidur tu lewat2 tau... main game kuat2... biar jd mcm panda...

S h a h r o said...

ahaha, dah makin tua nih da susah cket... XD, kene jage bdn da.

Zu--LfADh..^li--->>suCEsS said...

haha..tau xpe kene jage badan. btw tahniah zam u have made it this far. haha..

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