Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was packing up my things when suddenly...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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Heh... personally, its so funny XD


A day has passed since my last final exam. So, today, surrounded by feeling of loneliness (coz almost all of my housemate are gone, enjoying themselves perhaps), I open my cupboard and think whether if I should start packing things early.

Ah! This is not a sad story btw =.=. It suppose to be funny, personally =D

"I wonder if I can bring all these into flight".

With that in mind, I separate all the pieces of papers, leaflets, boxes, envelopes, and those stuffs that I don't thing I should fit into my bag.

I gather my folios, some hardwares, mini bags at one place, juz in case I could donate them =D

I placed some clothes into a plastic bag so I'd know which one I should wash later on.

I was removing junks that I accumulate on the top shelves,

... when suddenly,

I found a large envelope of my X-RAY.

Well, that envelope doesn't give me any interest at all, not to mention the x-ray piece itself. That thing looks scary. -.- What distracted my eyes was...

... pieces of fullscape papers (or TEST PAD in English =.=) along with the x-ray piece.

So, I wonder what kind of paper could that be? Was it a note from doctor about my health condition that I was unaware of? Ahaha, well, I did thought of that for real. XD

Opened it, had some read on it, scanned, skipped some, skimmed, analyzed back, turn it over and over, checked the envelope to make sure there is no more, and to my surprise, I found out that it is a little ermm, to make it sounds grand, i'll call it CHRONO MANUSCRIPT! made by me upon entering Taylor's College. Hahax.

The story behind is this; As usual, after months of holiday, my handwriting will be dem sux. This is undoubtfully true after 11 years of schooling. Whenever the academic year begins, I will have some problems with writing. The nerve system always felt like misled. My fingers were used to the vertical downward motion when pressing the keyboard, rather than the curvy unlinear rotating maneuver XD.

...now that I mention it, I can scarcely remember that feeling, before my first day of college. Urgh.

So here they are, on my hands. Its a bit peculiar I admit =.= but still, its epic interesting to find something I did before entering the college, juz right after it ends. Ah! Is it fate that is reminding me to keep my writing polished for the upcoming holiday? Whoa! Cool!
Btw...Yes, it is a few pieces of papers where I practiced my handwriting on.

It's funny, personally, to read how my mind was back then. XD You can find them below. Just click on them to enlarge =D They are sort of craps by the way. I doubt you will learn anything academic from it. Hahax. 3 page in total.
The first one;
I laughed upon reading the 'seashells' thingy. Tongue twister works for fingers as well it seems. XD
Then, the xxxxx is Cho Hatsumei, hahax. "Keep it, Keep it, in your heart!"

Well, I should have made a special 15 years anniversary for that. XD
Whoa! I drew that?

And the third;
I'm driving larger one. No fuss now.... Oh!, But I can't bump to other cars.
Maybe I'll find some time to drive them again
XD. n... DBZ rulez!

While I'm not sure whether I wrote those 3 pages consecutively or not, I'm certainly sure that they were done on the same day and I don't pay attention in the grammar part at all. Ahax.

I'm not sharing this to expose the content. Ahax. Please forget the content if you can. XD
I want to make a memorial of the EFFORT made by the writer. Heheks. Truthfully, its like someone else's writing. I can't believe it was me for many reasons.

With this, I would like to wish good luck to all my Taylor's friends and all the best in their path of life. Great time y'all! May the moonlight be with you!

[p/s: Renovating process now continues, since exam is over =D]
[p/s2: I think I may need 5 big boxes to carry all my things back to Kuching -.-]
[p/s3: I'm currently under AECS3 Total Training =D]

4 responses:

hudasaffry said...

haha nizam, kelakar2!!
simpan laa ketas tuh sampai tua
kenangan beb..

ibnu azlan said...

apa kebenda la yg ko tulis. but anyway, i enjoy your post. seriously.

tresna said...

hai salam kenal...
sepertinya menemukan harta karun ya??

Future Murrabi said...

serously kelaka!!
same la aku pown..
mase kemas barang slalu jumpe mcm2

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