Friday, April 23, 2010

Guide - decrease loading time for FOLDER with massive items

Friday, April 23, 2010
"My music folder loading time decreased from 4 seconds to... almost instantly! XD", Shahro

This guide is also for you if...

1) You are using Windows 7 (Might as well occur to XP or Vista, but the problem is less obvious for those OS)

2) You always open certain folders in your PC which contains A LOT of files particularly, music, photos, videos, documents.

3) ..and of course, you get annoyed by the time taken for all those files n its thumbnails to completely show up,   
OR  you hate hearing your hard disk making noises as those files are being accessed,   
OR  you imagine the equation 'lim n-to-infinity, [certain log eqn] = [certain limit]' every time you see the green progress bar. XD

1. Go to the respective problematic folder.
2. Right-click it > Properties
3. Go to Customize tab.
4. Choose one type of folder type to be applied. (Usually chosen for you already)
5. The MAIN part!!! Tick the 'Also apply this template to all subfolders'.

6. Done! Click OK.
By doing this, you prevented Windows from doing the hassle of determining folder types for you, hence saving much more time, and laptop's battery power.
Test the difference if you don't believe me :).

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[p/s: Today I wake up early.... very very early. Yay!]
[p/s2: Tomorrow I have one big exam. Yeay x2!]

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Nizam said...

memang terbaek!!!

S h a h r o said...

kan kan =)

AmmarX said...

sila study yer. haha.

Daniel Drake Carlos said...

LOL... Thx God, I don't have to worry 'bout any of these... :P

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