Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Haruhi with baju kebaya =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
I was thinking of reorganizing my folder and other stuffs in my PC. Like usual, I went into discovery-mode, haha. So I rediscovered this.
These pictures are taken from 'Kak Aya''s online diary if I remembered right. XDXD

 What is it about? =) Ahaha. Of course, if it is Kak Aya, then the first thing in mind is..


About those pictures, apparently she ninja'ed (the term other blogger used XD) to Malaysia.
Until now, I can still find many other Malaysian anime-fans who are very envious to that Makcik through their blogs. Ahaha.

I still find Suzumiya Haruhi is the best story I've ever watched. The narrator's humor. The logically challenging events. The sense of continuity. The orchestra music they use in the background.  I like it very much that I even read the novels it was adapted from.

Just something to fill my time between calculus integrations. ^^ I am still in exam week. I'm hoping for the best for this term. Yeay!

[p/s: 'Kak Aya' is malaysianized version of 'Aya-nee-chan'.]
[p/s2: doki doki.... my next calculus is on Saturday, wish me luck ya]
[p/s3: I am among those who find the consecutive 8 episodes of Endless Eight as appropriate and nice way for the story to be presented. I believe the mistake is with those people who watch those new episodes as 'Season 2' instead of a reairing of the whole series.]

3 responses:

weng said...

u took that photo by using ur fujifilm camera?? it so beautiful la >.< ahhh

S h a h r o said...

Oh, no I didn't.

I took that picture from her own blog. XD

Neng Ayu said...

Baru sempat mampir nih!
Liat-liat dulu....
Situsnya bagus nih!
apalagi kalau disuguhi makan!
Kunjungan balik ya sob, ini blog saya
Salam kenal....

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