Monday, April 5, 2010

I am playing Left 4 Dead 2!

Monday, April 5, 2010
Hee. Last fall term, I decided to reward myself with L4D2 if I achieve my target for that term. It went okay. So, I plan to wait for the price to drop before I go to game store and buy it. It turns out that... since it was released last year, there is no drop for even one cent in it's price... *sigh.

So I made up my mind, and went to buy it last week. Yay!

Why now, when it is only weeks away for final exam? (I can sense that question filling up the atmosphere of my house, and I feel uneasy for it =.=...) It is my long-time strategy! This is to encourage myself to study a bit more. As a reward for studying that night, I will play this game. That's how it works.

Last semester, I did it with Resident Evil 5. Ahahaha! Remember my post about RE5? XD.

Why Left 4 Dead 2? For those who never heard of this game, I guess, it is worthy to explain first. L4D2 is brought to us by the same company that worked on Half Life and Counter Strike. Effectively, L4D2 is the result of merging those 2 popular games. I played L4D1 in commentary mode beforehand (commentary mode is a game mode where the game developer explains to you how they invented the game as you play the game), and I remember coming to one part in which they said, they originally play Counter Strike and beating each other with only knife. From there they find it would be interesting if they create a game with a team of players killing a horde of enemy with only melee weapons. Something like that.
Hence, Left 4 Dead, a game where you are teamed up with 3 other survivors, and still have to stay alive as you make your way to the place you will be rescued.

I have been loving it since L4D1 because there is no way you could win the game without team-work. That's the main thing. The concept of playing together and helping each other out is so clear.
Back in college, I used to play it with Faza, Lan, and Ezwan Sora. I remember how we were freaked out when the zombies had us separated in the game. Finally it was a big relief when at least one of us made it to the final rescue point.
*At the final map event, there is a feeling of "Go! Go! Save yourself. We will hold these zombies. Don't mind about us!!". Ahaha! *

Honestly, I planned to buy a 4-license game pack so that I can play with my current room mates. However, I don't want to bother them with their studies for now. Maybe after the final exam? =) I don't know if they are interested or not though :'(

You play as one of these four survivors in L4D1
... or these four in L4D2.

As for my L4D2 copy, I played a few times so far, and it is great!! I think people should conventionally divide multiplayer games into 2 main types, in which one requires co-op extensively, and the other don't. I believe L4D1 and 2 are the best co-op games of all!

Okay. Back to my work. =)

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Daniel Drake Carlos said...

Interesting... I wonder if it comes with a Mac version?

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