Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Impressed with its ending animation - Bakemonogatari.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
I always watch the op/ed of anime I bought/downloaded although I always have the chance to move the slider where the main story is. I am fascinated by how those animators animate those keyframes and adjust even the smallest details to fit the song that comes along. You can see this in the following youtube video from the 'little' shakes, changing scenes, colour switching, changes in beats, etc etc. (Which is why, for those who care, when we watch anime together and I mention about not skipping op/ed, I meant it seriously)

So, I was watching Bakemonogatari recently when I came to their new ending song. While the song also become forum's topic of conversation, what I want to point here is its animation.

The drawing style that I would categorize as creepy beforehand are being animated in such way it feels cute. I am quite impressed.

the first 4 sec are a bit of the episode before the ending animation starts.

Song is Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by supercell... that I can roughly translate as... 'story that you don't know'? something like that.

Watching OP/ED are very inspirational you know. Without noticing, you gain a lot of ideas when you are animating your own After Effect projects.

[p/s: I don't promote bands here, but I really like supercell's song because the way they use piano in their songs. That's all]
[p/s2: Studying linear algebra =D]
[p/s3: Waiting for K-On!! which will be aired on April 7th. Woot!!]

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