Sunday, May 23, 2010

Season shift...

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Fall to Winter...
Winter to Spring...

I'm amazed just by observing.

I had absorbed the idea of urbanization before, which is how cities emerge over time.
I also understand when technology advances... more equipments and gadgets are able to assist people.

But to make appearance of a place to change, those two are simply slow...

Today... everything is green. The next day, everything is white.
No matter my house or your house. No matter the sky-scrapper or shelter for those who can't afford a house..
Not just to the place, but to the people as well. Everyone changes their attire to ensure maximum heat.
No matter they are professionals, or those without job.
No matter they are adult, or just babies.

Today, everything is white. The next day, everything simply change.
No matter if you are blind or deaf, you feel the changes. Indeed a BIG change.
It doesn't take a century for that change to occur. Not even a decade.

It just takes ONE NIGHT for everyone to feel the difference.

...and yet people are not involved in the process.

Yours truly,

[p/s: イア~... I was rewatching Clannad After Story when I reached episode 22 where a song that mentions about season change is played in the background; Chiisana Te no Hira. So, I thought myself that somehow what Nagisa-chan was talking also applies to the city I currently live in, hence my post. XD
Here is the link to that scene]

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