Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first free fall. Not quite, but it feels so!

Sunday, May 16, 2010
Today I decided to follow my friends to go to Waterpark at Edmonton, located inside West Edmonton Mall. The place is somewhat similar to Sunway Lagoon at Subang Jaya, but I don't know which one is better though. The last time I went to Sunway Lagoon is when I was 10.

This picture covers about half of the place.

I never play with any long ramp before. Even at SL, I was too small that my parent didn't allow me to try any. 
GUESS WHAT.... my first water slide in my life is on the highest and the steepest ramp in RED as shown in the picture! SHEET! 

How was it? ...
I let my friends go first. They slide really fast. The water splash looks so cool as they slide across. Well, I just want to anticipate how would it feel before I try it myself. Then it is my turn.
So I sit on the ramp... move a little bit to get myself moving. Suddenly... ! 

 ---Bullet-time starts---(On top)
"I'm not moving yet, let me move a little bit"
"mgh=(1/2)*mv^2... mgh=(1/2)*mv^2..."
"Oh.. still not moving,... lemme push a bit..."
"I think I'm moving now"
"It is quite high isn't it... so I will move faster soon"
"Owh sheet!!!"
---Bullet-time ends---

I underestimated the ramp...

---Bullet-time starts again --- (Midway)
"Aahh! Am I sliding??!?!?!?!?!"
"Aaaargh! How long has it been???????"
"Aaaaa! Am I at the bottom yet??????"
"Ah! I want to hold something.... this is too FAST!!!"
"Aahh! I didn't feel a thing on my back!!!!!"
"Am I on anything?? The ramp didn't BROKE right?!?!?!?!"
"Isn't there anything I can hold onto?? Anything?!!!?!?"
"...Ya Allah, I am at your mercy... T_T....whatever, help me!!!"
"Argh!!! this is TOO FAST!!!!"
"This should be one of the Killing Machine for Discovery Channel, aaaarh!!!"
---Bullet-time ends---

"AAaaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!", all the way to the bottom, then,

I was FREEFALLING!!! SHEET! I thought I can at least feel the ramp's normal force acting on my back. I thought wrong!!! There's only a slight sensation of water splashes on my back. Not bad... not bad...
Then at the bottom I start laughing to myself. Haha. It was actually fun lol!!

 Picture from the top. Almost half of the red ramp was so steep that they aren't visible from that view. See?

I at least tried to anticipate the ramp earlier... but I didn't anticipate for the pool waiting for me at the bottom at all.
It took me a while to realize where did I fall at the bottom. I wasn't sure where should I go. 
"Should I swim? or should I just walk? but which way? Ah, the security patrol is asking me to get out of here. Ah! I'm stuck."
I guess my mind was still on the ramp lol. So I had Akmal to help me. Ahah! Thanks!

So, that was my first. We tried several other ramps after that. I can feel Adrenaline Rush working inside me. Ahaha! Only after that I realized the first ramp I said earlier was categorized as Extreme. Among others include Intermediate, Easy, Advance. Lol. 
*Rasa nak ketuk je kepala diorang ni. Ade ke bagi naik yg paling extreme dulu -.-*
Then we spent the rest of the time playing with artificial wave at the large pool. Never thought people enjoy being hit by wave that much. Somehow that doesn't make much sense to me.. -.-.

To conclude, I want to go there again!! To Ariff, Akmal, Cimi, and Ejan, thanks for bringing me along today! =)

One interesting fact from
"The West Edmonton Mall holds the world record for the largest mall in the world, and employs over 15,000 people. The mall attracts around 55,000 people a day, totaling to about 20 million visitors a year!"

Credit to for the first picture, for the second, both via google image.

p/s: Like Akmal in his blog said... today we saw a lot of thing we shouldn't -.-.... "kene wat solat taubat"

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