Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Long story short, I bought my first jeans for the first time after 20 years of living.
I only wear slacks or thick cottoned slacks (which I can only find at Wisma Satok, Kuching so far) before.
I find side pockets are more convenient to me. They are especially larger and comfortable for me to fit devices.
I also like how I can move freely with them. I can do an instant turning-kick or a downward kick some more without having to adjust my legs here and there. Well, objectively that is true.

でも ね。。。(however...)
Naa.. of course I don't expect myself to wear what I brought from Malaysia for the whole time I'm here, can I?

So, today I decided to find new slacks.
I went to West Edmonton Mall.
... were looking around.
... were looking around a bit more.

Turned out... there is NO thick-cottoned type that I always preferred.
Perhaps there are stores that I haven't visit yet inside there.

...incidentally, I got into this one store.
To make things further short, I like the specific type of JEANS they offered, which suits my needs and upcoming needs, so I bought them.

Done. Off to sleep.
Tomorrow, ... I mean, later today, if I wake up early enough, I want to go there again. Finishing the incomplete ;)

[p/s: I think I saw myself wearing jean in a picture when I was small. I don't count that one. It wasn't my choice.]
[p/s2: Sometimes I pity myself for seeing things so objectively. Haha!]

2 responses:

Affan Ruslan said...

which suits my needs and upcoming needs ?
upcoming needs tu apa?
perut besar ke?


S h a h r o said...

Ahaha. Make sense gak.
Tp x.
Kalau ade seluar yg boleh accomodate perut yg membesar, bukan jean namanya. Ahaha.

Ade ar... yg pasti bukan perut besar. Ahaha.

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