Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another day of summer - Hazy

Saturday, June 23, 2012
I think the sky here in Malaysia isn't getting any better every year, is it?

Today I will be taking a flight to Sarawak. As far as I can tell for 2 days I am here at Kuala Lumpur, nothing much has changed. I do see many construction projects are going on here and there, but I guess that's all.
The foods are awesome as always ^^, thanks to my cousin who treated me.

As for me, I think my health has declined since my arrival. Now I often cough and sneeze. ><. *sigh*...
I wonder how will I be after one month...
Ah, and talking about that,... I think I do have some sort of allergic reaction toward cats -.-.....
I was living so happily and healthily at Edmonton when suddenly a junior came and stayed at my house with his little kitten. Since that day onward, I was sneezing nonstop -.-...
Damn.... why must it be cats??? Family aside, what else is better to hug in this world???? Sob2.

Ah... I can't wait to finish Final Fantasy XIII and Tales of Graces f.

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