Monday, July 18, 2011

Thoughts - Influence

Monday, July 18, 2011
Last few weeks, my sister uttered something like this during our conversation about our viewpoint to everyone around us.
"The only thing I cared for is my own belief on matters"
and I replied something like this,
"Good, that is a strong and important statement that will help you..."

Of course, being not-in-a-tv-or-movie this conversation was, a moments later I regret and wished that I would have said something potentially more beautiful .. like

"It is good that you are able to think like that. Only strong people can say those. However, for now just keep it. Be a good girl and listen to your parents. The time will come in the future where you will be in trouble and at that moment, that hold will help you."

Oh well... I hope they will eventually grow up eventually as fine ladies. Haha. No really I'm serious.


From my point of view, I am actually glad I manage to be a person that they can feel comfortable to talk with, and they actually are willing to share seriously about their life how they see it (aside from complaining about how bad they hate maths in school -__-").

...and that is like a DREAM COME TRUE for me.

One of the reasons is being able to share.

Like I said to my friends the other days, I think the best satisfaction is when you can deliver your experience and knowledge to other people, esp. the next generation, and see them grow up along with your passed thoughts.

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