Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another day of spring: Home sweet home, Sarawak.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Apparently I skipped a month this time. Oh well.

Okay so here is a summary of what happened since my last post.
- Finished final exam.
- Went to Malaysian Student Association dinner.
- Group photos with everyone especially graduated students.

- Took a hellish 2 days flight from Edmonton to KL.
- Went out to Low Yatt to update myself.
- Went to Negeri Sembilan
- Visit relative's friend's Kenduri Kahwin.

- Took an hour and half flight from KL to Kuching.
- Claim my delayed baggage.
- Bought some presents for my lil sisters to help them study.
- Redesigned the interior of my house to make it looks neater. LoLx
- Went to Kyan!me event at Kuching and met my fellow batch schoolmate who cosplayed!!!

and now... here I am thinking of what should be done in the next 3 months for the time I have left in Sarawak.

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iswandi bin jamain said...

Haha... Spend bnar2 cuti ko pok. Lunaskan nafsu2 yg ko hnya dpt polah kat swak jak-laksa swak, keh3...

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