Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Return to myself.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
You know... I often feel that I am much inferior that what I used to be during my childhood.

When I was a kid, I was full of energy, keep pestering others, love to have bicycle race with friends, play with mud, annoys my teacher in school, kick my innocent friend out of nowhere.
But those aside, I always enjoyed hanging with friends, be the one who called for a groupwork doing homework, sell 'rare' printed material I made with 'rare' computer.

But now, look at me. Sitting at my own bedroom looking at the monitor screen reflecting myself. Haha!

If it is possible, I would like to travel to the past and face to face with me from then.
I would like to ask
"Do you like the way I am now?"
"Do you feel like want to punch me in the face?"
"Is the kind of people I'm hanging out with right now looks right to you?"
"Do you like my attire?"
"What do you think about my hair? Nah, I don't think you care, but yah... what do you think?"
"Do you think my dedication towards Islamic teaching is enough?"
"Do you think I spend too much on entertainment?"
"From your point of view, am I keeping good relation with my family? Or do I seems to be too far distanced?"
This is the me who I want to meet.
There is a bunch of stuff that I would like to discuss with him if I have the chance.

*butterfly effect*
And one thing, if there is one advice that I will give him for his new world line... I will say...
"Always love your family. Don't be afraid to depend on your family. They have been very helpful to me in my time of need, and they will also be helpful to you".

Hahah. look at me. ranting about myself. T_T
OK back to the damn endless assignments!

(p/s: The first ever picture of me from pre-secondary school ever posted on internet. Woot! Woot!)

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Xury said...

Okay. That's a rare picture.

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