Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another day of winter: New Year 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012
^^. Happy New Year 2012 everyone.

     For most part of the world, the day is already in 2012. This day marks the next revolution of earth orbiting the sun. Some say that it is insignificant, while some say that it is important. I say that today is a rare enough event for everyone to notice.

     Just like every other new years, I've been thinking on what shall be my resolution for the next 365 days.
But WAIT. Before that... what happened to 2011's resolutions??
-.-" While I didn't put it into words on this blog, I believe it was something about... getting better grades in my academic terms. Well, thanks Nizam of 2011. I guess you did a good job. One thing that I succeed was I was finally able to have good sleep the night before exams. No more being an all-nighters. ^^

     So, now, it is MY TURN, Nizam of 2012. What kind of paths shall I face for the next 12 months? What choices shall build up dilemmas for the next 12 months? What are the things that I could do the best as a 22 years old teen for the next 12 months? What level of misery that I can expect for the next 12 months? What can I do today that may help me for the next 12 months?

     I think last year, I was a little bit misbehaved. There's a lot of area I could have improved on, particularly in performing daily prayers. Then, while my time management showed some improvement, I still depend a lot on last minute pressure to finish the job. Whereas for daily consumption, I concluded that coffee & coke is bad for exams. MILO is by far the best!

     Therefore, I believe what I need for next year is to practice one-time-FOCUS aka giving dedications. FOCUS when I am studying. FOCUS when doing prayers. FOCUS when playing games. FOCUS when doing team projects. FOCUS when I am cooking. FOCUS in doing assignments. This is my resolution for 2012. I believe everyone would agree that 'focus' is a word with many good connotations.


p/s: I bought a desktop!! ^^

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