Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another day of winter: Reading week

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
This week is holiday for the university. It is called the Reading Week; which I believe intended to allow students to prepare for their oncoming midterm exams.
In my case, I had 2 of my midterms before the reading week. They were so-so. Will the reading week help me in the remaining 3 midterms? I hope it will. In fact, I'm counting on this week to keep up with my studies.

My main target however is only one; Sleep. I must replenish my sleep hours which has depreciate much for the past 5 weeks.
I also want to revise the way I do my assignments, reports etc so that it could be done earlier and I could have a good sleep hours.

I probably have posted about sleep hours many times in this blog. Haha. That is probably one thing that I am still struggling to manage.

I guess that's all. This Wednesday I'm going to join my friends for a trip to Calgary... about 600 km to the south. I hope it will be a comfortable trip. lol.

[p/s: I think starting my post title with series name sounds more manageable. Like 'Another day of' series is for post about life and so on. I'll come up with others as I post about them]

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