Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011
Today, January 6th is my birthday according to Solar Calendar. It also marks the beginning of 2011.

Last year, I made the resolution of getting A's and finish a diary. The path of getting all A's was harsh to me so I didn't get it, but I did try my best. Diary? Heh, I got a better picture diary. =D. It's cooler.
My Hatachi project is still ongoing with a little bit of additions.
As I grow up, I find keeping resolutions are very useful especially if you got it written somewhere. It probably works just like writing the 'Objective' section in your experiment report. It helps me to keeping track of what I want to do 'in overall'.

Daily life is full with infinite of sub-objectives. It varies from large event of going to supermarket to buy food to very small event of hitting the space bar on the keyboard. Who knows the number of events you have done in one night. They are all relative and depends on what can be considered an obvious events with cause and effect.

In between those events are choices. "What letter should I press next". "Which transport should I use to get home". Etc. These are the one that is affected by the larger objectives you have beforehand, which could be, "Typing my name" or "To get home as fast as I can".

Extend it a little bit more, you can see where the yearly resolution can come into play.Having yearly resolutions is not a must, but a indeed good addition to your life.


So I made my own cake on my own birthday. Of course, I don't expect anyone to make one for me. So, rather than I have a dull night, might be good to have a homemade cake to eat aye? Haha.
Cheesecake! =D

So, I believe another resolution should take place. Unfortunately, I feel uneasy with the exam I just went through. And I can't define my course of action completely without knowing what will happen in the near future. Therefore, I will postpone the new year resolution till next month that is when everything should be settled. Will update this post again. =D Ganbaru!

p/s: Miss my p/s section T_T.
p/s2: Will probably continue to blog this year. I've collected quite a lot of skillz and it is a waste not to share. Hahax.
p/s3: Should I buy a ps3?

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